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RLF Llama Club

We are partnering with one of our awesome volunteers to host our first  Llama Club here at the farm on Thursdays from 4-6pm!!!  This club, ...

Sunday, November 15, 2020

RLF Llama Club

We are partnering with one of our awesome volunteers to host our first Llama Club here at the farm on Thursdays from 4-6pm!!! 

This club, consisting of six classes, will teach the handlers confidence, training techniques and many other skills while being able to spend time with these unique and majestic creatures!  

We are limiting this club to only six handlers ages 8yo-adult. To ensure each handler is passionate about this opportunity w
e will have video submission contest to pick our llama club participants. In the video interested individuals will convince us why they would like the opportunity to get hands-on with our llamas and learn more about training techniques! #RLFLlamaClub

Details about club:

Dates: Thursdays from 4-6pm on December 3rd, 10th, 17th and January 7th, 14th, 21st. We will not meet Dec 24th or 31st.

Cost: $50 per student for entire 6-week session, includes a llama club t-shirt

Ages: Any age over 8yo (even adults) are welcome to apply. We will have video submission contest to pick our llama club participants.

Video submission info:

Video submissions are due by Monday, November 30th at 5pm.

Club members will be picked and announced on Thanksgiving Day!

At least half payment is due by Tuesday, December 1st at 5pm or we will offer club position to runner up. 

In your 1 minute video submission please answer the following:

1) Share one or more interesting fact(s) you know about llamas

2) Share how it would benefit you to be a part of this club 

3) Anything else you feel led to add

Post your video to your personal Facebook page.

  • Make sure your video's privacy is marked as "public" 
  • Make sure you include the hashtag #RLFllamaclub 
  • Tag @RedemptiveLoveFarm
  • Video should be short, around 1 minute in length.
Or private message your video to our Facebook page 
Or email your video to
We will share the winning videos publicly on our page.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to reach out via ways mentioned above or call (850)894-1800

Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Routine Maintenance Health Checks

With the hope to help other livestock owners we have videoed and are uploading a few videos of the routine health maintenance checks we do every month on our different livestock species. 

Llama Video:

Sunday, August 23, 2020

Llamas at Wedding

 Instead of asking "Why llamas?" Ask, "Why not?"

Our docile llamas don't mind being the center of attention, they are gentle, trained and well-socialized with their animal handlers right by their side, keeping their best interest in mind.
The guests thoroughly enjoy getting up close to a real llama to take photos they will remember for ever!

*Llamas and handlers from Redemptive Love Farm
*Costumes designed & made by Redemptive Love Farm
*Video captured by Redemptive Love Farm
*Bride Ivy & Groom Brian Merriman
*Wedding Venue was the beautiful Shiloh Farm Church & Barn in Tallahassee, FL -

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Services we Offer

Here we have all our services listed to make it easy to scroll through all in one place! Whether you need petting animals for a backyard birthday party, a unicorn for photography session or to send a llama-gram to that special someone, we do it all! <3

Traveling "We come to you" services:

Traveling Farm Petting Tent is fun for everyone! Our most popular option starts at $200

Pony Rides on our carousel or leadline
We bring the pony rides to you! Starts at $200

Unicorns for rides or photograpy
We make dreams come true and bring a unicorn to you! Starts at $200

Llamas for birthday parties, events or even weddings! Starts at $200

Animal-grams: Send a special treat to your loved one! A special animal to delivery a note, present or treat on their special day! Llama-grams, Alpaca-grams, Goat-grams, Lamb-grams, MiniMoo-grams, Unicorn-grams available! Ranges from $50-$150 for 15min delivery service.

Shearing Services: We can shear your llamas, alpacas, sheep and more! Starts at only $65

Services and Activities Here at the Farm:

Birthday Parties or events here at the farm
You get the WHOLE farm to yourself! Starts at $300

Pony Trail Rides here at the farm
Come ride independently with your family or friends! Starts at $50

Farm Yoga Fundraisers here at the farm:
For only $300 ($400 if we provide instructor) we can host a Farm Yoga class here at the farm. We provide large sandy area filled with dozens of friendly mini farm animals, parking and farmers to keep it going smoothly. You can charge $20/person for up to 50 people in attendance and keep whatever you earn for your fundraiser. 

Baby animals in the spring, unicorns, llamas, mini cows and so much more! Starts at $50

Where beginners can learn to ride at their own speed. Starts at $20

Monday, July 8, 2019

The Git Up Challenge

The kids saw a few of the viral 'Git Up' challenge videos going around and wanted to make their own! 

Mirabel learned the basic steps, choreographed her own dance and taught it to her siblings. She recruited me to film it and we brainstromed for other fun farm things to film for the video! It took about 3 hours of fiming and 3 hours of editing to give you the finished product! Enjoy and share!

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Our Family Photos

We finally had a new professional family photography session. 

Thank you Gentry Roberts for these beautiful photos!

Here is our last one from November 2015

This was just before we began "Redemptive Love Farm"
which became a licensed and insured business in March 2016.

And here is us NOW, three and a half years later!
Look at how much these kids have grown! 

It was difficult deciding which of our many animals would be featured in these keepsake photos but we knew we couldn't fit them all, so we let the kids pick their favorites!

Maggie with one of our baby English Lop bunnies

Maggie - 7

Maggie - 7

Titus with Shadow the friendly Cochin rooster

Titus - 8

Titus - 8

Risa with Rascal our 20yo horse

Risa - 12

Risa - 12

Sam with Charlie the Appleyard duck

Samuel - 13

Samuel - 13

Brittney with Annie our sweet Bernese Mountain Dog

Brittney - 14

Brittney - 14

Brittney - 14

Mirabel with Neva the Pygmy goat (Zelda's 1yo baby)

Mirabel - 15

Mirabel - 15

Mirabel - 15

Anthony with Pedro our 1yo miniature Mediterranean Donkey

Anthony - 16

Anthony - 16

Brian and I with our spotty baby, Marshall

Shannon (me) and Brian - married 15 years

Shannon (me) and Brian - married 15 years

Our family tree was grown with love not DNA

I hope when you see our family you see, 
not what we have done but, 
what God has done!

Thanks again, Gentry!
Gentry Roberts Photography

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