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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Baby Animals - February 2016

We have some baby animals on the farm and it isn't even spring yet!

On 2/1, Zelda, our Nigerian dwarf goat gave birth to baby Holly; Daddy was Atari, a Saneen goat.

Baby Holly with mama Zelda

So sweet, fluffy and cuddly

That same day, on 2/1, daddy brought home a 1 day old bottle baby bull calf named Pibb. Our 4 big kids raised our last 4 bottle baby calves so this time Titus asked, "Daddy, can this be my cow this time? I am big now, I can feed him, I promise!"

2/1 - Picked up 1 day old baby Pibb from a local dairy

Big boy feeding his baby calf

On 2/4 we bought a bunch of tiny chicks to raise and double our flock of egg-laying hens and they are OH SO CUTE!



Laced Wyandotte

Barred Rock

Buff Orpington

Buff Brahma

Our baby duck, Edmond, is about 3 weeks old now and getting big quick!

2/6 we were called on another orphaned baby duck, just days old! SO CUTE!

Our Christmas piggies are 6 weeks old now and ready to give mama pig a rest! 

Current pictures of baby pigs will be posted 2/11/16

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