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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Puppies are 2 weeks old!

Pups have all doubled in size, even the smallest weighs 2lbs! They still just eat, poop and sleep (and make the most adorable tiny puppy grunts!) and their little pink noses and tiny pink puppy paws are turning black, like mom and dad. We cuddle them constantly, get distracted watching them twitch and run in their tiny, little puppy dreams and marvel as their tiny eyes are just starting to peek open.

5 day old Purple girl

Mama is becoming more energetic and spends larger parts of her day at our side while we milk, ride horses, garden and complete so many spring projects on the farm! Although mama is eating a ton of puppy kibble every day, she still gets her daily ration of 1lb farm fresh meat and bones, 2 eggs and 1 pint of raw sheep or goat milk. Right now it is all going to milk to feed 9 very chunky, squishy and super adorable puppies!!! 

Granny cuddling 6 day old puppy!

We have also really been enjoying the puppy owners coming to love on and see their little pups development! The joy on their faces is too much sometimes and makes this adventure worth all the extra stress, work and love!

Mama Suzy enjoying her 10 day old pups!

Puppies are now 14 days old. They received their 2nd bath, their 1st dose of dewormer and they all got their nails trimmed. All their eyes are open, they are beginning to sit up and take wobbly steps on all fours instead of belly crawling.

Puppies are getting big and are only 10 days old!

Two week update:
Pink girl, weighs 2lb 12oz and knows what she wants!

Purple girl weighs 2lb 8oz and is really chill.

Yellow girl weighs 2lb 8oz and is usually found nursing upside down!

Blue boy weighs 2lb 6oz and is so snuggley!

Dark green boy weighs 2lb 12oz and is our biggest sweet boy!

White girl weighs 2lb and is still the smallest!

Brown boy weighs 2lb 6oz and is super relaxed and laid back!

Light green boy weighs 2lb 9oz and is oh so cute!

Grey girl weighs 2lb 12oz and is still our biggest calm girl!

There are growing fast! Now that it is springtime and warm outside we are getting close to transitioning pups outside in a barn stall. As soon as they are able to climb out of their whelping pool they will move out so they have more room to run and play and so I don't get overwhelmed with puppy poop all over my house! :)

*Note: We have a puppy waiting list with more than 9 families so all puppies are currently spoken for and we have a long list of back-up interested families.

Posted by Shannon 


  1. Hi Shannon! Are all the pups spoken for? Thanks!

    1. Yes! They all have had families since 10 days after breeding occured

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