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Saturday, April 29, 2017


A video of Goat Yoga in New Hampshire went viral and many people were sharing it on our page. Finally a friend pushed and said, "You guys should really try this! People in Tally would LOVE it!" So we invited a PiYo trainer friend and took some fun advertising photos and PiYoGO!!! was born! <3

Our first class was the last Saturday in April at 7am and was a huge HIT!!! Fifty ladies (well, some men) joined us in our sandy training arena just as the sun was rising. The arena was filled with not only goats, but also lambs, puppies, tortoises, chickens, bunnies and even a cow and mini horse. Everyone got their heart pumping and sweet cuddle or fun selfie time! 

1 Hour PiYoGo workout @ Redemptive Love Farm - $10/person
Bring yoga mat, water bottle, cash and phone for selfies!

Posted by Shannon

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