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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Puppies are 6 weeks old!

We thought at 4 weeks old these puppies were the cutest things around but we were so wrong!!! They get cuter every day! How does that happen!?! Now at 6 weeks the cuteness factor is almost too much to handle! They have enjoyed free time out of their stall several times a day and they run, prance, wrestle and play all over the farm! Oh, and if we say, "Puppies!" nine of the cutest, ferociously wagging little puppy tails run over to us and attack us with kisses! <3

Puppy at 5 weeks old

The pups are already very used to poultry, bunnies, goats and piglets who they encounter often on the farm! They are held and cuddled by kids all the time and are going to be amazing dogs with children and other animals!

Mama Suzy snuggling some baby geese

Mama has weaned her babies and they are all eating solid puppy food. If the pups try to sneak in some nursing Suzy very gently tells them, "back off kid, this shop is closed!" It has to be the sweetest thing watching her bounce around playing with them and just enjoying motherhood!

Mama Suzy's golden eyes!

Six week update:
Pink girl, weighs 7lb 11oz and is so sweet and playful!

Purple girl weighs 7lb 14oz and is adorable with great kisses!

Yellow girl weighs 6lb 4oz and is so little and cuddly!

Blue boy weighs 7lb 14oz and is chill and loving!

Dark green boy weighs 8lb 6oz and is so docile and relaxed!

White girl weighs 6lb 15oz and is our little snuggle bug!

Brown boy weighs 8lbs and is our most easy-going pup!

Light green boy weighs 8lb 6oz and is the most playful!

Grey girl weighs 8lb 7oz and is the first to bark and alert us!

Our family has been enjoying these babies so much but even more we have been enjoying our puppy families coming and lighting up as they snuggle their new soon-to-be addition! :)

*NOTE* All 9 puppies have families who have paid deposits. We get asked if they are available A TON! Before breeding occurred we had four interested families and by day 10 after breeding we had a list of 15 families on our waiting list. That list has changed over time but these puppies have been greatly wanted, dearly loved and spoken for before they were ever even born. We can add you to our current puppy list if interested for possible family changes, we can let you know when other farmer friends have a healthy litter of similar breed dogs or put you on our future puppy list although we are undecided as to if or when another litter may happen. It all depends on the health and well-being of mama and it certainly will not be her next heat cycle.

Posted by Shannon 

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