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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Puppies are 8 weeks old!

It is finally that time. Puppies are 8 weeks old and ready to move into their own families! They are huge (some are 12lbs), SO fluffy and have been a ton of fun! 

This whole experience, although a lot of work, has been sweet, full of joy and rewarding. We adore our new puppy families and are happy to see them off but will miss them here.   

Having 7 kids, 11 dogs and our friend, Emily, and her 2 kids at the vet was quite the experience (for everyone involved I am sure) but it added closure to this whole puppy experience! 

Eight week update:
Pink girl, weighs 11lb 5oz!

Purple girl weighs 10lb 5oz and is being snuggled in the Snipes family!

Yellow girl weighs 8lb 6oz!

Blue boy weighs 11lb 3oz and is being spoiled by his mama, Madi! Can't wait to hear about his therapy training program!

Dark green boy weighs 12lb 1oz and is getting snuggled by the Missimers! 

White girl weighs 9lb 6oz and is being adored by the Huff family!

Brown boy weighs 11lb 2oz!
Pic coming Monday, May 8th

Light green boy weighs 12lb 6oz and is loving the Bidwell's growing family!

Grey girl weighs 12lbs and is excited about guarding the Garrett farm!

All 9 puppies have had families waiting on them since only 10 days after mama Suzy's conception. We get asked, A TON, if any pups are available or when we are going to have another litter. Although we are undecided as to if or when another litter may happen, as it all depends on the health and well-being of mama and it certainly will not be her next heat cycle, I can put you on our tentative future puppy list  or I can let you know when other farmer friends have a healthy litter of similar breed dogs (which I know of a few now at time of posting this!)

Our sweet Sarge man is the reason most of these families were so excited to bring home one of our pups. He is just an amazing dog, you only have to meet him once to just fall completely in LOVE! <3

 When the puppies are away the parents play! :D

My baby did a great job caring for her babies! <3

Posted by Shannon 

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