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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Spring abundance!

This spring we were thrilled to see our new garden boxes producing tiny green babies! As a wife, mom then farmer my priorities are hubby, kids, animals THEN last plants so I tend to not garden well or keep up with it all. My gardening style is lots of good compost soil, plant seeds and pray....  

Our baby goats are weaned and growing!

We built our grape trellis last year and this year that paid off when we found an abundance of baby grape clusters gathered underneath its leaves!

With all our goat babies weaned we had lots of goat milk to go around!

Chickens and ducks were back to producing their eggs in full force! We were collecting more than four dozen clean, colorful, farm fresh, non-GMO eggs a day!

Whatever eggs we didn't sell every week we put in our incubator for baby chicks!

And our mama ducks, geese and guineas also hatched out several clutches of ducklings, goslings and keets!

Cookies&Cream, our black/white Holland Lop, is a favorite bunny to snuggle in our traveling farm tent. Axle is our huge tan English Lop with the ears so long he trips over them! We were happy to announce that they had seven healthy babies who will be weaned by July 1st. 

And finally our two mama cows gave birth to sweet new calves. Buttercream had an easy delivery to her 2nd calf, a healthy little girl. We named her Kitty!

And a new baby means we are back to milking every morning! 

Our sweet Rosie had a difficult and long labor and gave birth to her 1st calf, a deformed little boy! After a visit to the vet we were told little Quasimodo should get along just fine even with his funny hunchback on his neck. 

How I missed my quiet mornings in the barn under my cows!

But the workout after is pretty intense. The stainless steel milk bucket weighs 25lbs plus each gallon of milk weighs between 8-12lbs and we get an average of 2 gallons per cow. So with each cow you are lifting and balancing 50lbs to pour into 1/2 gallon jars without spilling!

The beauty of three days of healthy, farm fresh, non-GMO, grain free, raw milk from our two family cows!

Posted by Shannon

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