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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Long-eared Baby Bunnies!

We recently spent a month in the hospital with our daughter and right as we left our Cookies&Cream gave birth to the litter of 7 healthy kits I had been SO excited about. An awesome friend (the Cooney family) offered to foster the new additions while I was away and had fun socializing and loving my sweet long-eared babies!

Dad is our English Lop, Axle. He is a beautiful and sweet buck and we just adore him and his amazing long ears!!!

Mama is our Holland Lop, Cookies&Cream. She is perfect and adored by all in our traveling farm tent!!! <3

We were so excited about this litter and together they had the most adorable litter of seven healthy babies! We love the Holland lops small size and cute flat face. But we just adore those ginormous ears on our English lops so we wanted to create a longer eared medium-sized lop and couldn't be happier with the results!

1. Solid Blue: ADOPTED by the Cooney family! 

2. Broken Blue: STAYING ON FARM! 

3. Solid Black: Up for Adoption

1. Broken Black: STAYING ON FARM!

2. Broken Black: Up for adoption!

3. Solid Black: STAYING ON FARM!

4. Solid Black: Up for adoption!

Aren't they adorable!?!

Posted by Shannon