Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Unicorn Mini Sessions in July!

Are you interested in unicorn photos for a special sweetheart in your life?

Snowflake - 40"

Do you have your own good camera (or a friend who can come with you with one) and would like to take and edit the photos yourself?

Snowflake - 40"

Do you want it to be super affordable and easy?

Winnie - 64"

We are hosting Unicorn Mini Sessions right here on the farm!

Snowflake - 40"

While we usually pair up with an amazing professional photographer (Linley Paske Photography) this will be an affordable opportunity for you to BRING YOUR OWN CAMERA.

Blondie - 32"

YOU bring model (adults or children welcome) dressed as you desire and your camera.
WE supply the venue of a grassy field with wooded background, a prettied-up unicorn (heights 32", 40" or 64") and a professional unicorn handler so you can stay behind the camera and get the most precious photos! 

You will sign up with your chosen size unicorn in your chosen time slot. Unicorn mini sessions will be 15 min with ONE unicorn of your choice and cost is $25 per session. 

Three sizes of unicorns, 
measured at withers (top of shoulder blade).

Sign-ups currently available for:

Tues. 7/10 from 6pm-7:30pm 
Sat. 7/14 from 6pm-7:30pm
Tues. 7/24 from 6pm-7:30pm &
Sat. 7/28 from 6pm-7:30pm

Winnie - 64"


*Arrive 15-30min early so you have time to sign-in, pay and get ready for your session. This not only gives you time to adjust your camera settings to the current light but also gives your little model time to adjust and take in their new surroundings so your pictures turn out the best!

*Bring any props you would like in your photo, like a basket for baby to sit in, a favorite stuffed toy, a chair, small step ladder or a personal hobby item like a violin, cheer pom-poms or soccer ball.

*Dress however you feel one taking photos with a unicorn would dress! Wear a frilly gown, a ballerina outfit, a tux or your favorite cowboy outfit. Anything will make a magical and unique photo!

Mirabel is 5'6"in comparison with three unicorns

***This is meant for affordable hobby photos but if you would like to sign up for gorgeous professional unicorn mini sessions contact our friend Linley at Linley Paske Photography!!!***


Click link below and pick your date, 15min time slot and one unicorn! <3 <3 <3 

Posted by Shannon Carroll,
owner/operator of Redemptive Love Farm

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