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NEW OPEN HOURS for summer! Summer heats up on the farm but we are still finding a few hours a week to open up to visitors! We have new week...

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Services we Offer

Here we have all our services listed to make it easy to scroll through all in one place! Whether you need petting animals for a backyard birthday party, a unicorn for photography session or to send a llama-gram to that special someone, we do it all! <3

Traveling "We come to you" services:

Traveling Farm Petting Tent is fun for everyone! Our most popular option starts at $200

Pony Rides on our carousel or leadline
We bring the pony rides to you! Starts at $200

Unicorns for rides or photograpy
We make dreams come true and bring a unicorn to you! Starts at $200

Llamas for birthday parties, events or even weddings! Starts at $200

Animal-grams: Send a special treat to your loved one! A special animal to delivery a note, present or treat on their special day! Llama-grams, Alpaca-grams, Goat-grams, Lamb-grams, MiniMoo-grams, Unicorn-grams available! Ranges from $50-$150 for 15min delivery service.

Shearing Services: We can shear your llamas, alpacas, sheep and more! Starts at only $65

Services and Activities Here at the Farm:

Birthday Parties or events here at the farm
You get the WHOLE farm to yourself! Starts at $300

Pony Trail Rides here at the farm
Come ride independently with your family or friends! Starts at $50

Farm Yoga Fundraisers here at the farm:
For only $300 ($400 if we provide instructor) we can host a Farm Yoga class here at the farm. We provide large sandy area filled with dozens of friendly mini farm animals, parking and farmers to keep it going smoothly. You can charge $20/person for up to 50 people in attendance and keep whatever you earn for your fundraiser. 

Baby animals in the spring, unicorns, llamas, mini cows and so much more! Starts at $50

Where beginners can learn to ride at their own speed. Starts at $20

Friday, August 30, 2019

Foster Ponies

The following four ponies came from Fountain, FL which is just north of Panama City. The family they came from rescued them last year right before hurricane Michael hit. Caring for these rescues and the rest of their farm animals has proven difficult while living in post hurricane devastation. With potential new hurricanes to prepare for they needed to down size quickly. So these four small ponies are coming to stay at our farm where we will train them to ride and will find them forever homes with families who will love them.

AMELIA - Mini Grey Paint
This mini paint mare is 4 years old and 38" tall. She is very sweet and easy to handle, halter trained and up to date on vaccines. No previous ride training but we will begin working on that asap. Adoption fee $500 with all vetting and ride training.

COPPER - Chesnut Senior Pony
This pony gelding is over 20 years old and 39" tall. He has rarely been handled, we will begin ground work and manners asap. He is up to date on vaccines but needs his teeth done, his feet done and to gain weight. No previous ride training but we will begin working on that when his weight is up. Adoption fee $250 after all vetting and basic manners training as a companion pony or $500 after ride training.

PUPPY - Blue Roan Pony
This mini blue roan gelding pony is 6 years old and 36" tall. He is a wild child with NO previous training or vetting but we will begin working on that asap, but ain't he a BEAUTY! We had him gelded on Sept 6th. Adoption fee $500 with all vetting and training.

DAKOTA - Black Pony
This mini black gelding pony is 2 years old and 37" tall. He is extremely sweet and easy to handle, halter trained and up to date on vaccines. No previous ride training but we will begin working on that asap. He has been around children his whole life and is very gentle and he was gelded Sept 6th. Adoption fee $500 after all vetting and ride training. 

RUDY - Small 14hh Horse
This chestnut gelding is 15 years old and about 14hh tall. We were told he was a safe trail horse for a 73yo woman and has been ridden western and english. He is very sweet and easy to handle and up to date on vaccines. Videos posted show him riding. He is a very easy and non-spooky boy. He has a great walk and a pretty canter but his trot has a funny gait/limp to it. He doesn't seem to be in pain but is very bumpy at a trot. Adoption fee $500 now, ready to ride but discounted due to trot.

HEIDI - Mini Red Paint
This mini paint mare is 4 years old and 36" tall. She is very sweet and easy to handle, halter trained and up to date on vaccines. No previous ride training but we will begin working on that asap. *Note* We have witnessed a locking stifle in Heidi's back right leg and she may not be rideable after all.

If you are interested in adopting one don't hesitate to email We are beginning training now with the goal to have them kid-safe and riding by Saturday, Sept 28th. All adoption fees will be $500 or less and will include all vetting and training. 

Posted by Shannon

Monday, July 8, 2019

The Git Up Challenge

The kids saw a few of the viral 'Git Up' challenge videos going around and wanted to make their own! 

Mirabel learned the basic steps, choreographed her own dance and taught it to her siblings. She recruited me to film it and we brainstromed for other fun farm things to film for the video! It took about 3 hours of fiming and 3 hours of editing to give you the finished product! Enjoy and share!

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Our Family Photos

We finally had a new professional family photography session. 

Thank you Gentry Roberts for these beautiful photos!

Here is our last one from November 2015

This was just before we began "Redemptive Love Farm"
which became a licensed and insured business in March 2016.

And here is us NOW, three and a half years later!
Look at how much these kids have grown! 

It was difficult deciding which of our many animals would be featured in these keepsake photos but we knew we couldn't fit them all, so we let the kids pick their favorites!

Maggie with one of our baby English Lop bunnies

Maggie - 7

Maggie - 7

Titus with Shadow the friendly Cochin rooster

Titus - 8

Titus - 8

Risa with Rascal our 20yo horse

Risa - 12

Risa - 12

Sam with Charlie the Appleyard duck

Samuel - 13

Samuel - 13

Brittney with Annie our sweet Bernese Mountain Dog

Brittney - 14

Brittney - 14

Brittney - 14

Mirabel with Neva the Pygmy goat (Zelda's 1yo baby)

Mirabel - 15

Mirabel - 15

Mirabel - 15

Anthony with Pedro our 1yo miniature Mediterranean Donkey

Anthony - 16

Anthony - 16

Brian and I with our spotty baby, Marshall

Shannon (me) and Brian - married 15 years

Shannon (me) and Brian - married 15 years

Our family tree was grown with love not DNA

I hope when you see our family you see, 
not what we have done but, 
what God has done!

Thanks again, Gentry!
Gentry Roberts Photography

Posted by Shannon
Owner, wife to 1, mom to 7, farmer to 100