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Monday, January 7, 2019

Two Years As Unicorn Farmers

Our first unicorn costume was for a Halloween costume during an October Open Farm event in 2016. It was a huge hit!

March 2017 we were hired for our first unicorn photography session

May 2017 we started marketing as a "unicorn farm"

June 2017 brought our first birthday parties with unicorns!

Birthday parties in July 2017

September 2017 we hosted our second unicorn photographer here at the farm

In November 2017 we brought unicorns to Bradley's Fun Day event

Pictures with our Christmas unicorn were super popular during our Christmas at the farm events during the month of December in 2017!!!

Starting in January 2018 we perfected our unicorns with more natural hand carved and sewn horns and we began to become known as the "unicorn farm" resulting in many party and event opportunities!

March 2018 events

April 2018 birthday party

May 2018 Photography

July 2018 we had many unicorn birthday parties and photo sessions at different summer camps and on the farm!

August 2018 unicorn events at the farm and at Espositos

December 2018 unicorn visits a preschool for fun photos

December 2018 Christmas Unicorn

In November 2018 we rescued a tiny senior mini horse and in January 2019 after vetting, healing and training he made his debut as a working member of the farm! We named him MerryLegs!

Video of MerryLegs debut:

In January 2019 we had a super cute photo session where 10 little girls were given a stuffed unicorn and custom card for Christmas inviting them to come meet a unicorn here at the farm!

Video here:

January 2019 we had a special request for a private photo session

We already have a special request for Valentine's Day in Feb 2019 for a pink llamacorn and unicorn to come for photos!
(Pink llama is just food coloring discussed in another post)

What will be next!?! That is up to you!
If you can dream it, we can make it happen!!! <3

Posted by Shannon, owner/operator


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