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Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Services we Offer

Here we have all our services listed to make it easy to scroll through all in one place! Whether you need petting animals for a backyard birthday party, a unicorn for photography session or to send a llama-gram to that special someone, we do it all! <3

*SUMMER NOTE* We do not book events between the hours of 12-5pm during the months of June, July or August due to summer heat! 

Traveling farm services:

Traveling Farm Petting Tent is fun for everyone! 
Our most popular option starts at $200

Pony Rides on our carousel or leadline
We bring the pony rides to you! Starts at $200

Unicorns for rides or photograpy
We make dreams come true and bring a unicorn to you! Starts at $200

Llamas for birthday parties, events or even weddings! Starts at $200

Animal-grams: Send a special treat to your loved one! A special animal to delivery a note, present or treat on their special day! Llama-grams, Alpaca-grams, Goat-grams, Lamb-grams, MiniMoo-grams, Unicorn-grams available! Starts at $100 for 15min delivery service.

Services at the Farm:

Fun public open days, classes and more at the farm!
While we don't have regular open hours over the summer we do host fun tours and activities here at the farm! We book by private appointment only!

Private arties or Events here at the farm
You get the WHOLE farm to yourself! Starts at $300

Pony Trail Rides here at the farm
Come ride independently with your family or friends! Starts at $100/hr

Llama-Walk here at the farm
Come walk our llamas with your family or friends! Starts at $100/hr

Baby animals in the spring, unicorns, llamas, mini cows and so much more! Starts at $50/30min

Where beginners can learn to ride at their own speed. Starts at $20/30min (Not available over the summer!)