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Christmas Services

Christmas Holiday Llamas Hire a Christmas Llama for your event:   Llama will be on a leash with a handler at all times and c an interact and...

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Christmas Services

Christmas Holiday Llamas

Hire a Christmas Llama for your event: 
Llama will be on a leash with a handler at all times and can interact and take photos with guests, be pet and hand fed small amounts of feedWhen you add a photo booth station we will bring a tent with blue walls, a Christmas tree and wrapped boxes as a decorated backdrop. 

One llama for one hour = $200
Two llamas for one hour = $300
   *add a photo booth station + $50

Two llamas for two hours = $450
Three llamas for two hours = $550
Four llamas for two hours = $650
   *add a photo booth station + $50

Live Nativity Animals

Every nativity is as unique as every church and we can do our set-up in a variety of ways. We are a huge hit at all events we attend as adults and children alike love to see the nativity story from the bible come to life and get hands-on with all of our sweet farm pets!

Small nativity animals we have available: 
  • Mini donkey (only 32" tall)
  • Mini Zebu cow (only 34" tall)
  • Babydoll Sheep (up to 4 available to travel)
  • Angora goats (up to 4 available to travel)
Choose six small animals = $500 for 2 hours
                                            $750 for 4 hours

Large nativity animals we have available:
  • Llama, can be dressed as a nativity pack animal
  • Standard donkey, can ride adults or children up to 150lbs
  • Baby camel, stands about 6ft tall and weighs 400lbs
Add a llama + $200
Add a riding donkey + $250
Add a camel + $400
Keep the larger animals affordable:
Cow + 2 sheep + standard donkey = $500
mini donkey + 1 sheep + camel = $500

Travel Cost: 

If you live MORE than 20 miles away please calculate travel cost and add it to the party option you choose. We charge $1 per mile both ways for every mile over 20 (We are located in Miccosukee, FL which is 20 miles northeast of mid-Tallahassee, FL, 20 miles south of mid-Thomasville, GA 26 miles east of mid-Havana, FL and 16 miles northwest of mid-Monticello, FL).


Non-refundable $50 deposit is due at time of booking to hold your event slot, deposits can be done online via PaypalThe remainder of the party amount can be paid online via Paypal before the day of your event or in person via check/cash/card at the beginning of event as we are setting-up.


Remaining balance is due at time of service. We accept cash, check or card payments upon arrival and prior to set-up. If you need to have a check cut by your school or finance department please be sure you request all documents (W9, COI, PTSA, etc) that you will need from us in advance in order to have the check approved and ready at time of service. Due to many non-payments, we reserve the right to refuse service if payment is not made upon arrival.