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Thursday, May 20, 2021

RLF Llama Club

We are partnering with one of our awesome volunteers, Jennifer Doyle-Corn, to host RLF Llama Club here at the farm on Saturdays from 5-7pm!!! 

Each club, consisting of four classes, will teach the handlers confidence, training techniques and many other skills while being able to spend up close time with these unique and majestic creatures!  

We are limiting this club to only six handlers ages 10yo-adult. To ensure each handler is passionate about this opportunity we will have video submission contest to pick our llama club participants. In the video interested individuals will convince us why they would like the opportunity to get hands-on with our llamas and learn more about training techniques! #RLFLlamaClub

Details about club:

Dates: Saturdays from 5-7pm on July 10th, 17th, 24th and 31st.

Cost: $50 per student for 4-week session, includes a llama club t-shirt. 

Ages: Any age 10yo and older (even adults) are welcome to apply. We will have video submission contest to pick our llama club participants.

Video submission info:

Video submissions are due by Thursday, July 1st at 5pm.

Club members will be picked and announced on Saturday, July 3rd!

At least half payment ($25) is due by Tuesday, July 6th at 9am or we will offer club position to runner up. 

In your 1 minute video submission please answer the following:

1) If child, your name and age. If adult, your name and job title.

2) Share one or more interesting fact(s) you know about llamas

3) Share how it would benefit you to be a part of this club 

4) Anything else you feel led to add

Post your video to your personal Facebook page.

  • Make sure your video's privacy is marked as "public" 
  • Make sure you include the hashtag #RLFllamaclub 
  • Tag @RedemptiveLoveFarm
  • Video should be short, around 1-2 minutes in length.
Or private message your video to our Facebook page 
Or email your video to
We will share the winning videos publicly on our page.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to reach out via ways mentioned above or call (850)894-1800

Our next club is planned for:

Posted by Shannon Carroll - owner

Wednesday, February 3, 2021

2021 Spring babies for sale

We will continue to update this page as we have new babies born on the farm! Our FL spring season runs from Jan-May and we expect Nigerian Dwarf goats, Angora goats, Babydoll lambs, bunnies, piglets, ducklings and chicks! Contact us to be added to our waiting list and check back often! 
Contact: Shannon Carroll - owner/operator
Phone: (850)894-1800

Name Female/Male Date Of Birth $Price 
Dam: Mother Sire: Father
RETAINED - Staying here on the farm, not for sale
PENDING - Already in contact with interested waiting family
DEPOSIT PAID - Have already taken $50 deposit from family
SOLD - Has already been paid in full and left farm with new family

Nigerian Dwarf Goat Kids

Zora F DOB: 12-30-2020 Ready: 03-03-2021
Dam: MoonPie Sire: HappyDays

Calamity M DOB: 01-05-2021 Ready: 03-09-2021
Dam: Sassy Sire: Titan

Peanut F DOB: 01-05-2021 Ready: 03-09-2021
$250 SOLD
Dam: Peaches Sire: Titan

Charlie M DOB: 01-08-2021 Ready: 03-12-2021
$200 SOLD (buck)
Dam: Camilla Sire: Titan

Claire F DOB: 01-08-2021 Ready: 03-12-2021
$250 SOLD
Dam: Camilla Sire: Titan

Paul M DOB: 01-10-2021 Ready: 03-14-2021
$150 SOLD (wether)
Dam: Georgia Sire: Titan

Timothy M DOB: 01-10-2021 Ready: 03-14-2021
$150 SOLD (wether)
Dam: Georgia Sire: Titan

Poker M DOB: 03-06-2021 Ready: 05-08-2021
$200 DEPOSIT PAID (buck)
Dam: Blue Sire: Trouble

Betty F DOB: 03-06-2021 Ready: 05-08-2021
Dam: Bambi Sire: Titan

Spring ND kidding is complete

Babydoll & Harle-Doll Sheep

Ladybug F DOB: 01-19-2021 Ready: 03-23-2021 
$600 SOLD
Dam: Clarice (Babydoll) Sire: Prince Charles (Babydoll)

Butterfly F DOB: 01-19-2021 Ready: 03-23-2021 
Dam: Nyx (Harlequin) Sire: Prince Charles (Babydoll)

Easter Twins M DOB: 03-06-2021 Ready: 05-08-2021
$300 each SOLD
Dam: Barbie (Babydoll) Sire: Prince Charles (Babydoll)

Spring lambing is complete

Angora Goat Kids

Curly M DOB: 03-13-2021 Ready: 05-15-2021
$350 buck DEPOSIT PAID 
Dam: Laverne Sire: Skylar

Red M DOB: 03-21-2021 Ready: 05-23-2021
$350 buck or $250 wether AVAILABLE 
Dam: Barb Sire: Skylar

Rose F DOB: 03-28-2021 Ready: 05-30-2021
Dam: Glinda Sire: Skylar

Spring Angora kidding is complete


Broken Black Tort M DOB: 02-12-2021 Ready: 04-09-2021 
$150 registered RETAINED 
Dam: ApplePie Sire: Banjo

Broken Orange F DOB: 02-12-2021 Ready: 04-09-2021 
$150 registered RETAINED
Dam: ApplePie Sire: Banjo

We have four more English lop does due in April 2021

KuneKune Piglets

Wilbur M DOB: 03-17-2021 Ready: 04-28-2021
$300 as pet RETAINED
Dam: Mable Sire: Weasley

O'Malley M DOB: 03-17-2021 Ready: 04-28-2021
$450 registered DEPOSIT PAID
Dam: Mable Sire: Weasley

Patrick M DOB: 03-17-2021 Ready: 4-28-2021
$300 as pet DEPOSIT PAID
Dam: Mable Sire: Weasley

Shamrock M DOB: 03-17-2021 Ready: 4-28-2021
$300 as pet DEPOSIT PAID
Dam: Mable Sire: Weasley

Claddagh F DOB: 03-17-2021 Ready: 4-28-2021
$450 as pet DEPOSIT PAID
Dam: Mable Sire: Weasley

Chicks & Ducklings

Hatched 4/11/21, $5 each