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Wednesday, February 3, 2021

2021 Spring babies for sale

We will continue to update this page as we have new babies born on the farm! Our FL spring season runs from Jan-May and we expect Nigerian Dwarf goats, Angora goats, Babydoll lambs, bunnies, ducklings and chicks! Contact us to be added to our waiting list and check back often! 
Contact: Shannon Carroll - owner/operator
Phone: (850)894-1800

Name Female/Male Date Of Birth $Price 
Dam: Mother Sire: Father
RETAINED - Staying here on the farm, not for sale
PENDING - Already in contact with interested waiting family
DEPOSIT PAID - Have already taken $50 deposit from family
SOLD - Has already been paid in full and left farm with new family

Nigerian Dwarf Goat Kids

Zena F DOB: 12-30-2020 $250 DEPOSIT PAID
Dam: MoonPie Sire: HappyDays

Zora F DOB: 12-30-2020 $250 RETAINED
Dam: MoonPie Sire: HappyDays

Calamity M DOB: 01-05-2021 $200 RETAINED
Dam: Sassy Sire: Titan

Peanut F DOB: 01-05-2021 $250 DEPOSIT PAID
Dam: Peaches Sire: Titan

Charlie M DOB: 01-08-2021 DEPOSIT PAID
$200 as intact buck OR $150 as pet wether
Dam: Camilla Sire: Titan

Claire F DOB: 01-08-2021 $200 DEPOSIT PAID
Dam: Camilla Sire: Titan

Paul M DOB: 01-10-2021 DEPOSIT PAID
$200 as intact buck or $150 as pet wether
Dam: Georgia Sire: Titan

Timothy M DOB: 01-10-2021 DEPOSIT PAID
$200 as intact buck or $150 as pet wether
Dam: Georgia Sire: Titan

Spring kidding is complete

Babydoll & Harle-Doll Sheep

Ladybug F DOB: 01-19-2021 $600 PENDING
Dam: Clarice (Babydoll) Sire: Prince Charles (Babydoll)

Butterfly F DOB: 01-19-2021 $600 RETAINED
Dam: Nyx (Harlequin) Sire: Prince Charles (Babydoll)

Spring lambing is complete

Angora Goat Kids

Waiting on babies

We have one Angora doe due in March 2021 and three more due with April-May 2021 kids.


Waiting on babies

Chicks & Ducklings

Waiting on babies

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