Hiland Naturals Non-GMO Feed

"The best premium Non-GMO Project VERIFIED feed in the country... period."

We really wanted to transition our entire farm over to an all-natural, non-GMO feed but for the longest time could not afford it and often it was not readily stocked at local feed stores so it was difficult to find!

At Hiland Naturals online a 50# bag of Poultry Layer 17% chicken feed runs $48.99!!! (See for yourself here)

And local feed stores, when they did have it in stock, charged anywhere from $28-$35 per 50# bag.

What is exciting is we found a cheaper option that is $5 less than the cheapest feed store cost per bag! 

HN Goat 16% feed

Paradise Found Farms LLC sells Hiland Naturals feed with prices starting at just $20/bag!!!! Click here to visit their site!

HN Layer 17% feed

*NOTE* We are no longer a distributor who sells Hiland Naturals feed. Please contact our friend Kelly over at Paradise Found Farms.

HN Dairy Cow 16% feed

We love seeing the whole grains in the feed, knowing and being satisfied with the ingredients we are feeding our chickens and pigs and rabbits. 

HN LCF Swine Grower 16% w/ DE feed

In an effort to provide grain-free, grass-fed milk for our family we weaned all our goats, cows and sheep off all grains and now feed them just grass, quality hay and Chaffhaye, a fermented, easily digested and rich alfalfa hay!

We have really loved Chaffhaye and so do all the animals on our farm!!! Even the chickens and pigs get some daily! With many of our horses and ponies coming to us as rescues they each had their unique ailments they were facing. By discontinuing all types of commercial feeds and grains and just feeding hay and Chaffhaye we have seen great improvements and healing in skin issues, colic, weight and behavior. Even the odor in the horses waste is non-existent! Can't say enough good things!!! Our friends at Paradise Found Farms also sell Chaffhaye. Try it today!


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Updated 4/30/17

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