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Llama Blankets

I love sewing pretty blankets for our llamas and alpacas. Since I have had interest in them I am listing my prices here for potential buyers. Fabric is expensive and sewing the intricate details takes time so my prices reflect that. There may be times I can make a discounted blanket if I already have extra fabric and/or tassels so don't hesitate to inquire.

Every blanket has an attached girth and decorated chest band to keep it in place as well as a headband and/or neck tassels.

One color blanket with tassels - $100

Three color blanket with double tassels - $150

Custom blankets or costumes - $200 and up

If you would like to purchase a costume please email me at RedemptiveLoveLLC@gmail.com and let me know what colors or materials you are looking for. Please allow 30-60 days for design, gathering materials, hand-making blanket or costume and shipping. Payment will be arranged via Paypal, half will be taken as a deposit prior to buying materials and other half will be taken prior to shipping. Thank you!

For those of you who can sew and maybe just need a little encouragement that you can do it here is my cheat sheet I made for myself. This size blanket fits most alpacas and llamas with slight altering to girth and chest strap. You can do it!

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