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Llamas & Alpacas

We have always wanted to own these gorgeous and majestic creatures and we are so glad we do now! Our first llama and alpacas joined us in May 2016!

The following are our personal and beloved pets but we occasionally have llamas or alpacas up for adoption, adoption fees $300-800. If you are interested in adding an camalid to your farm feel free to call (850)894-1800 or email RedemptiveLoveLLC@gmail.com today!

She was our first llama and joined us in May 2017 at about 10-12 years old. She is the sweetest and gives kisses!

Jett is a gelded (neutered) male alpaca that joined our farm in Oct 2017, he adores water!

Cookie is a gelded (neutered) male alpaca that joined our farm in Nov 2018, he is part of the TMH Animal Therapy program!


Noel is a sweet young llama that was born on our farm in Dec 2018. Her mama was a rescue that we didn't know was pregnant until a surprise the day after Christmas!

Anthony's Shearing

Worried about what to do with all that fiber or fleece!?! We do that too! Anthony apprenticed with a very kind traveling sheep shearer, Elmer Miler, from Iowa and has his blessing to start shearing locally here in Tallahassee, FL and surrounding counties. Need your llama/alpaca sheared? Call (850)894-1800 or email Anthony@RedemptiveLoveFarm

Alpaca/Llama Shearing Prices:
$75 for 1st llama/alpaca
$25 for each additional sheep
Can also administer your vaccines and/or de-wormers and trim feet at that time for no additional charge. 
He also does sheep!!!

Updated 8/19/2019

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