Re-homing your Farm Pet

Before I was a mom with many hungry mouths to feed I was working in animal welfare and rescue. In 2007 I became a foster home for dogs and cats and have fostered with multiple different agencies ever since. With my kids we have fostered over 100 dogs, puppies, cats and kittens who were orphaned, sick, injured or just in need of a temporary home. In 2014 as we moved away from our home in a cookie-cutter neighborhood to pursue our farming dream we realized quickly that fostering dogs doesn't mix well with raising goats, chickens and pigs. 

Click here for our family blog post on fostering pets!

We still foster very young puppies and kittens when a need situation comes up. All my kids are expert bottle feeders which makes caring for a litter much easier than when it was just me. All puppies we foster find great homes (we have a large community) for just the cost of the vet visits and food that we put into them. 

The love and desire to help animals in need has traveled through me to my children. I love the compassion and empathy we have stirred and developed within them by helping the animals considered, "the least of these." 

Blondie's first day with us

Blondie the pony four months later on December 19th, 2015

We do take in farm pets that are sick, injured or just in need of a new home. Over the past two years we have taken in dozens of unwanted farm pets as well as rescued a few. Our rescued pets are here for the entirety of their natural lives. 

Orphaned newborn baby goat, Abbagoat

Baby chick born with scissor-beak

Very sick little week old baby goat, Snickerdoodle

But we are not a non-profit farm sanctuary. 
Reality is we would go bankrupt trying to feed all the homeless animals in this world. We will not turn a farm pet away, all are welcome, we will assist them in becoming healthy and happy again then we will allow them to express their God-given ability to be farm animals on a farm. 

When we commit to house a rescue animal we are committing to make them a pet, which is why we started our petting zoo business so they can pay their rent! ;) We offer our help in re-homing and housing farm pets in need, not because we get any financial gain out of it, not because we use them as food, but because we have a soft spot for the most needy and are willing to show our kids the sacrifice it takes to help something other than just ourselves.

So we have our working farm and rescued farm pets, kinda like two different hats but both well-loved!

Do you have a farm pet you need to find a new home for? Call us at (850)894-1800 or email us at today!

Looking to adopt a farm animal as a pet? Check out our Facebook page to see if we have any farm pets currently up for adoption.


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