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Visit the Farm

"What hours are you open for us to come visit!?!"
 We do not have regular business hours. Because this is our home, we live, eat, play, work and homeschool here at our farm therefore we cannot be open to entertain and facilitate activities for our guests during the week. Also, we are booked with private events and birthday parties most every Saturday, months in advance, so we cannot open to the public then either. But, because we do enjoy visitors and visitors enjoy our farm we try to find at least one day a month to open.


Upcoming public farm events:

Christmas at the Farm:

Saturday, November 30th from 10am-5pm
Tickets to enter farm are on sale now!


*Come shop with our vendors FREE*

Hotdogs $2, Water $1, Soda $1 and Snacks $1 *Handmade Arts & Gifts
   Bohemian Craftsody/The Eclectic Redneck
   B. Henderson Photography Design
   Kate Creates
   Butterscotch Creations
   Apeture Pet Portraits
   Shiloh's Bowtique
*Junior Vendors (age 17 and under)
   Redemptive Love Farm kid's creations

   Sham Family Kids
*Established Brands
   Usborne Books & More
   Rani’s Sparkle Shop (Paparazzi Jewelry)
   Tupperware with Amanda

Saturday, December 21st from 10am-5pm

*Come shop with our vendors FREE*
Tickets will go on sale Friday, Nov. 29th



Want to schedule a field trip or an event here? 

then call (850)894-1800 to book!

Want to bring the kids to a working farm where they can get up close, pet and feed cows, ponies, goats, sheep, llamas, alpacas, chickens, ducks, pigs and enjoy pony rides!?! Are you an adult but still want to hold some baby animals? Then come out for a visit. When you come you will enjoy:

*Large interactive petting arena:
 We will have an 50ftx50ft area filled with our small friendly farm pets, including goats, chickens and bunnies, for kids and adults to interact and love on them. 
*Pony rides on our carousel
*Fun themed animal photo station!
*Visit, pet and feed many different farm animals!
*Tire swings and a firetruck!
*Small child play area
*Hands-on cow or goat milking demo (availability based on season)

♥ ONLY $20 per car!♥
or $7 per person (2yo and under FREE)

We will have an old fashioned ice cream truck!

And Momma P's Icecream Truck is always popular amoung the kids! Click here for her facebook page!

Bradley's Country Store is only 4 miles south of us on Centerville Rd, they serve their famous sausage dogs and fun, old fashioned candy and bottled sodas. 

Or feel free to bring your own snacks and lunch and eat here at our picnic tables! We just ask for no food to be eaten in animal petting area or fed purposely to any animal.

There will be open parking on the farm in our front west field.

We are a working farm so please wear closed toed shoes and we are in FL so consider bringing sunscreen, bugspray and water! Please keep all personal pets at home. We love children being able to get up close with so many different animals and enjoy many activities but children MUST be supervised at all times as we are an enjoy "at your own risk" farm. Feed with FLAT hands, although farm animals are herivores and don't enjoy the taste of fingers they may accidentally bite one if hands aren't flat. Please never chase or intentionally scare or hurt animals!

Here are some visitors pictures of previous Open Farm Fun Days:

Ten fun facts about our farm:
  1. We are debt-free!!! We own our home, land and farm with no debt or loans (it is very freeing and the reason we are able to share our farm for free!) Read our debt-free blog post here
  2. We were city-slickers and began our farming journey just 2 and a half years ago, in 2014, after we moved from our big, mortgaged house in a beautiful neighborhood to a small trailer on four acres with just one pet goat.
  3. We are now a full working farm, producing enough milk, eggs and meat to sustain our large family.
  4. While we are a working farm and choose to only eat meat that we breed, humanely raise and love on our farm we also rescue animals who we commit to care for on our farm for their entire natural lives.
  5. Our petting zoo idea was born to help us pay the feed cost for our non-producing rescued farm animals!
  6. We attempt to build many of our farm structures from used and recycled materials. (See pictures at this blog post)
  7. Our property was an abandoned, trashed, dump site when we bought it. We have worked hard to clean it up, while it is still not perfect, it has grass beginning to grow and is a redeemed farm now!
  8. Each one of our children have one or two animal groups which they are personally responsible to care for.
  9. Farm chores take 1-2 hours every morning. Farm work is HARD!
  10. We love our little, imperfect yet redeemed farm and LOVE to share our farm and friendly animals with others!

Six fun facts about our family:
  1. We are a Christian (imperfect yet redeemed) More about our faith here
  2. We homeschool (it was best for our children's individual needs)
  3. We had 7 kids in the past 5 years (What!?! That is a lot of kids!)
  4. They are our "real" kids although they were all adopted :D
  5. All (but 1) of our children were adopted from FL's fostercare system (over 400,000 children are in fostercare as you read this, the need is great. Can you open your heart and home?)
  6. 4 of our 7 kids were over 8 years old when we adopted them (the average age of children in fostercare is 8 years old and simply being an older child in fostercare warrants the label "special needs")
Click here to read more about our family

***Want us to come to your event?***
Visit our Traveling Farm Tent page and Pony Rides page to learn more!

Updated on 11/26/2018

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