Our Bunnies

We do have baby farm bunnies quite often and, if we are able, we can bring them for children to see, learn about and touch gently.

5-day old baby bunnies

4- week old babies munching on weeds

Our bunnies love it in our bunny petting pen where they socialize, play, dig, stretch their legs and graze. We have a couple pet bunnies, our growing farm rabbits and, occasionally, we have other friendly bunnies staying with us while they are waiting to be adopted!

5-week old baby Lop bunnies

Our pet bunnies!


We currently have a few meat rabbits including a Silver Fox, New Zealand and some crosses. We have litters of baby bunnies fairly often as we do breed these rabbits for humanely-raised farm-fresh meat for our family.

Silver Fox

Pure Silver Fox 2-week old baby

New Zealand

Silver Fox/New Zealand mix 2-week old baby

Updated 9/16/2016

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