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 We love hatching out baby chicks and ducklings, the miracle of life never gets old! We sell healthy and socialized chicks and ducklings for $3-5/each. If you are interested in adding any poultry to your farm feel free to call (850)894-1800 or email RedemptiveLoveLLC@gmail.com today!

Baby ducks

Bantam rooster, Lobo, and call ducks

Hands-on with Lobo


We have a flock of 50+ birds including many different breeds of chickens, Pekin ducks and Muscovy ducks. Our poultry are kept in temporary electrified poultry netting by Premier1 with a homemade movable chicken tractor so we can move them to fresh ground every day for humanely-raised, cage-free, free-range, farm-fresh eggs for our family. We greatly enjoy the 20+ chicken eggs and 5+ duck eggs we receive daily! We have the ability to incubate our own eggs producing sweet little chicks and ducklings to sell as starter flocks to other backyard homesteads and family farms!

RIR hen

Australorp hen

Pekin duck

Pekin ducks

Loving their morning bath!

We also have a small flock of free-range, crazy loud, tick-eating Guineas :)
Guinea Fowl

One male turkey named Gobbles

One male peacock named Azul

Updated 8/19/2019

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