Our Cows

Moomoo is a miniature Zebu steer who is available to travel to educational events, parties and festivals!


Buttercream was our first Jersey cow, we bought in 2014 when she was just 4 months old. She is a sweet girl and gives our family 2 gallons of milk every morning! 


Buttercream and Willow

Buttercream's 1st baby bull, Cornbread, born 4/2/16

Buttercream's 2nd heifer baby, Kitty, born 4/25/17

Yuki, a 1 year old Holstein/Jersey heifer, joined us in January 2017. She is due to have her first calf in March 2018!

Tex is our current Florida Cracker bull. We breed our Jersey dairy girls to a Cracker cow in order to make a more hardy, parasite resistant and beefy mix.

Occasionally we will raise a steer for humanely-raised, grass-fed, hormone-and-antibiotic-free, farm-fresh beef for our family. We will know one very important thing about the beef we eat, while they lived they were loved and happy, unlike commercial beef cows you buy from grocery stores.

Updated 7/18/2017

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