Dogs & Cats

Our Great Pyrenees LGD dog, Sarge, is awesome and takes his job on the farm very seriously. He was the first dog we ever bought from a breeder after attempting to adopt a couple LGDs from rescues that didn't work out due to not being safe with livestock or children. When visitors come our Sarge is sweet as pie and everyone falls in love with him. He has sired out a few amazing LGD litters. 

Sarge as a baby 7-2014

Annie is our Bernese Mountain Dog who joined our family in 2016 when she was over a year old. She is just as sweet as she is beautiful!

We have always thought the Dalmatian breed was stunning and tried to rescue one in 2012 but with our children being very young at the time the dog wasn't a good fit for our family. After Brian (husband) became a volunteer firefighter in 2017 we looked into dalmatian rescues again. Unfortunately the rescues said we wouldn't be able to be matched with any dogs they had due to having lots of children and farm animals so we began researching responsible family breeders. That is when we found our puppy!!! He finally joined us in March 2018 and has been a DREAM dog!!! After years of rescue and fostering dogs with challenging historys I never realized what a huge difference a responsibly bred, healthy, well adjusted and socialized puppy would make. He is just perfect! 
Click here to read more about Marshall's story

Due to our intense love for Marshall and the dalmatian breed we decided to bring a 2nd one into the family and we welcomed Penny in Aug 2018. She has liver (brown) spots and gorgeous copper eyes and is the opposite of Marshall, fiercely loyal, protective, agile and active but she is also sweet, incredibly smart, loves her family deeply and is SO SO cuddley! My Penny Wenny Woo and Marshall adores her too!

Stevie Wonder
Stevie Wonder was a little feral kitten that was dropped off at our farm with his siblings and an eye infection. While all the other kitties were fine Stevie's eyes were infected beyond repair and had to have both removed. Stevie Wonder is our indoor kitty and is the sweetest cat and surprises us every day!

Farm Cats
We have many rescued farm cats, we allow a local rescue to release feral and semi-feral cats here at our farm that are previously in danger in other locations. Our only requirement is that they are fixed, vaccinated and healthy. 

Updated 8/17/19


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