Our Dogs and Cats

Our mini Aussie, Fez, is our only house dog and my attached to my hip, velcro-dog, cuddle baby.

My fez, 4 years old when adopted in  January 2014

Maggie and Fez getting cozy

Our Great Pyrenees LGD dog, Sarge, is awesome and takes his job on the farm very seriously. We have never had a death or injury due to a predator attack!

Sarge as a baby 7-2014

Big boy Sarge

Sarge getting some lovin' from Maggie

Sarge kissing a kitty
On the job!

After several failed attempts to re-train an adult rescue dog as a livestock guardian buddy for our Sarge we finally added a two female puppies to our farm!

Suzy, a Maremma female, as a puppy 3/13/16
Spice, an Anatolian/Pyrenees mix, as a puppy 4/11/16

While we only have our two permanent resident farm kitties who we bottle raised as kittens most of the time we also have several other cats and kittens living on our farm until they find their perfect, forever home.

Dandy Cat

Cougar Cat

Lucy, currently available for adoption.

Updated 5/26/2016

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