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Goats & Sheep

Dwarf Goats

We raise extremely social, sweet and small goats, our smallest mama goat is only 30lbs full-grown. We have a small herd of about 10 does, mainly Nigerian Dwarf with a few Pygoras (Pygmy/Angora cross), Mini-Nubians (Nubian/Dwarf cross) and one large Nubian. Our buck is a white, blue-eyed Nigerian Dwarf. 

Sometimes we have babies available for sale throughout the year. We keep a long waiting list since our babies are very small, healthy, disbudded (no horns) and make amazing pets because they are socialized and very friendly! So don't hesitate to call (850)894-1800 or email RedemptiveLoveLLC@gmail.com to be added today!
Sometimes we have adult and baby rescued goats in need of new homes also. 


Doelings (girls) = $200
Bucklings (boys) = $150
Wethers (neutered boys) = $100

Rescue goat adoption fees range from $25-$150

Harlequin/Southdown Babydoll Sheep

We have a small herd of six sheep. We raise fluffy, short, stocky, colorful and ADORABLE Southdown Babydoll/Harlequin lambs. Sheep are such fun on a homestead, they don't challenge fences like goats, they mow your pasture gently and don't eat your shrubs, trees and flowers the way goats will! These sheep are as cute as they come and a very hardy easy to keep breed. We tend to have a long waiting list so don't hesitate to call (850)894-1800 or email RedemptiveLoveLLC@gmail.com to be added today!
Sometimes we have rescued sheep or lambs in need of new homes also.


Ewes (girls) = $300
Rams (boys) = $200
Wethers (neutered boys) = $100

Rescue sheep adoption fees range from $25-$150

Three day old baby!!!

Our small herd

Black Pearl

Ziggy and her 2019 twin lambs


Sweet Ziggy!

Mama and baby

2019 lambs!

Ziggy, my fav!

Our BabyDoll ram, King Charles

Anthony's Sheep Shearing

Worried about what to do with all that wool!?! We do that too! Anthony apprenticed with a very kind traveling sheep shearer, Elmer Miler, from Iowa and has his blessing to start shearing locally here in Tallahassee, FL. Need your sheep sheared? Call (850)894-1800 or email Anthony@RedemptiveLoveFarm

Sheep Shearing Prices:
$60 for 1st sheep
$15 for each additional sheep
Can also administer vaccines, wormers and trim feet at that time for an additional fee. 
He also does Llamas and Alpacas!!!

Updated 8/15/2019

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