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We have tiny baby pigs from time to time that are small enough to travel for education and to be gently touched.

Newborn baby

Baby piggy love at petting zoo!


We have two Razorback pigs who were rescues and are here as life-long pets! We also have a sweet potbelly female, Abby, who is loved be all who visit the farm!

Our three pigs live on 1/2 acre fenced forested acres so they can forage, root, burrow and do happy pig things! Although our adult rescue pigs are our pets we do breed and raise their offspring for humanely-raised, cage-free, free-range, farm-fresh meat for our own family consumption. We do not sell baby pigs as pets.

We do take in rescue pet pigs on a case-by-case basis and try our best to find them pet homes. We are not a rescue or sanctuary so any rehab, rescue and rehoming work comes out of our personal income and finding homes for adult pigs is extremely difficult. 

Mama potbelly pig, Abby
Abby with her tiny babies!

Melon daddy pig and his babies

Updated 5/23/2019

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