Traveling Farm Tent

Redemptive Love Farm is a fully insured Limited Liability Corporation ready for hire.

We are a small family owned and operated business. We are first Christians, then parents, then homeschool teachers, then farmers, then business owners. Therefore, we only book events on available Wednesdays or Fridays and Saturdays, with a limit of only five events a week!

Our heart is for giving kids a hands-on love for learning and educating people about raising happy farm animals! We strive to have affordable pricing for every event! 

What to expect: When we come we will set up a covered tent with painted backdrop for safety from heat and wind for both you and our animals. All animals will be in the tent pen, a cage or on a lead for the duration of the party. We will have a hand sanitizer station set-up for both your safety and the safety of our animals. We will have clean-up equipment ready and all animal waste will be promptly removed. We prefer to set up on grass in the shade but if we must set-up on concrete we may wet it down and will bring a bale of hay to spread as bedding, we will clean-up as much as possible and the wind will take care of the rest. We will come 15-30 minutes before scheduled event time to set-up and will stay 15-30 minutes after scheduled event time to take down.


Single Farm Tent - 1 Hour:
Our Single Farm Tent option is perfect for backyard birthday parties or small private events! We allow 10 attendees in the tent at a time as adults and children alike love to enter and get hands-on with all of our sweet farm pets!

Our hands-on single tent with small animals

Included: 10x10 tent with 8 small farm pets (may include a mix of poultry, chickens, ducks, bunnies, a goat, lamb and/or a pig) PLUS a table and cage set-up with differing baby animals we have available to travel and 2 farmers.

***Cost is $200 for single tent for 1 hour (~125 attendees)
*Add a mini cow or horse + $50 (Single tent + mini = $250)
*Add a "kiss the llama" + $75 (Single tent + llama = $275)
*Add a unicorn photo op + $100 (Single tent + unicorn = $300)
*Add a riding pony + $150 (Single tent + riding pony = $350)
*Add 1 hour + $100 (2 hours single tent = $300)
**See below info on travel cost over 20 miles

Add a Mini Horse or Cow: includes your choice of either Blondie the mini horse (32" tall, can be walked around by children, pet and brushed, NO RIDES) or MooMoo the mini Zebu cow (32" tall, can be pet by children and hand fed small amounts of hay or feed) and 1 farmer. Add a mini for just $50 (Single farm tent + mini = $250)

Add a Riding Pony: includes one pony (<44" tall) who can give rides to children up to 50-90lbs and 2 farmers. Add a riding pony for just $150 (Single farm tent + riding pony = $350)

Double Farm Tent - 2 Hours: 

Our Double Farm Tent option is perfect for large events and public festivals! We can set-up a line system allowing 20 attendees in at a time. We are a huge hit a all events we attend as adults and children alike love to enter and get hands-on with all of our sweet farm pets!

Included: 20x10 (2 combined tents) with 15 small farm pets (may include a mix of poultry, chickens, ducks, bunnies, a goat and/or a pig) PLUS a table with cage set-up with differing baby animals we have available to travel and 3 farmers.

***Cost is $400 for double tent for 2 hours (~500 attendees)
*Add a mini cow or horse + $75 (Double tent + mini = $475)
*Add a "kiss the llama" + $100 (Double tent + llama = $500)
*Add a unicorn photo op + $250 (Double tent + 2 unicorns = $650)
*Add a lg animal feeding station + $300 (Double tent + lg station = $700)
*Add 4 pony carousel + $400 (Double tent + carousel = $800)

*Add 2 hours + $200 (4 hours double tent = $600)
*Discounts given for multiple day events
**See below info on travel cost over 20 miles

Want us at your large festival or event but budget does not allow it? 
We can come and set-up free of charge to you and attendees can have a "pay per" experience: 
Pony rides = $5 per ride, 
Small animal hands-on farm tent = $3 per 10 minutes, 
Large animal feeding station = $3 for two 2oz feed cups and a "llama kiss".
Unicorn photo op station = $5 to meet and take pictures with unicorns!!!

Large Animal Feeding Station: includes four animals of your choice (llama, alpaca, mini donkey, mini cow or mini horse) and 1 farmer. Attendees can feed and pet animals from outside the pen. One 1oz cup of feed per person until feed runs out, ~500 cups of feed. (2 hour Double tent + lg animal feeding station = $700)

Unicorn photo op: includes one or two unicorns decorated in colors or themes of your choice 1 or 2 farmers. Attendees can meet, pet, feed and take photos with unicorns in decorated photo station. (Double tent + 2 unicorns = $650)

Four Pony Carousel: includes four ponies of differing sizes, between 38"-56" tall, who can ride children and small adults up to 45-150lb. Basic pony carousel is a 4 pony metal lead line ring surrounded in metal half-wall panels for safety (NO shade or rain cover), needs a 20x20 area and in 2 hours can give rides to ~200 attendees. (Double tent + carousel = $800)

Travel Cost: 

If you live MORE than 20 miles away please calculate travel cost and add it to the party option you choose. We charge $1 per mile both ways for every mile over 20 (We are located in Miccosukee, FL which is 20 miles northeast of mid-Tallahassee, FL, 20 miles south of mid-Thomasville, GA 26 miles east of mid-Havana, FL and 16 miles northwest of mid-Monticello, FL).


$50 deposit is due at time of booking to hold your event slot, deposits can be done online via Paypal. The remainder of the party amount can be paid online via Paypal before the day of your event or in person via check/cash/card at the beginning of event as we are setting-up.
*Deposit will be returned if cancellation is made 7 days prior to scheduled party or if cancellation is due to unforeseen emergencies or inclement weather.


We have limited availability to travel to your event Wednesday, Friday or Saturday. To book us for your event call (850)894-1800, email or message us on Facebook.


Want something different? Like a unicorn or other animal to photograph with children just for keepsake pictures? Call (850)894-1800 for pricing!


Need a small, low-cost educational presentation at your school or homeschool co-op group about proper farm animal care, health or rescue and rehabilitation? Want to schedule a farm field trip? Call (850)894-1800 today!

Looking for other options? Call our friends!!!

Painted Pony (850)997-5590 or email:

Updated 4/16/18


  1. Semoo Traveling Tent from Bizarkdeal

    Once the tent was up, it looked great! My boyfriend is 6'2",, he was able to fit in here along with me, a little sideways, but we were able to fit pretty comfortably. For one night I would bring my niece along and let her sleep with us (she's only 5), but for more time, I would have to give her, her own little tent and connect it with ours somehow.

    Overall, from what I can tell so far, this is a good quality tent, material seems strong, and looks nice when all together!

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