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Summer Hours & Services

NEW OPEN HOURS for summer! Summer heats up on the farm but we are still finding a few hours a week to open up to visitors! We have new week...

Private Visit

In light of Covid-19 changes, we are continuing to book private visits for families or small groups.

*Note* there will be NO changes, signage or added mandates while visiting the farm. 
We are outdoors. We believe that people should govern their own health*

Due to so many requests from guests who would like a private or custom farm experience we are now offering pricing on individual and small group visits and activities! 

This is designed for individuals or small groups of less than ten people to come for a special activity here at the farm, animal photography or a one-on-one private tour. Our prices are not based on activity or number of participants but on length of time at the farm. 

Prices: $50/30min or $100/hour
Can book most weekdays anytime, weekends are not usually available due to private events and birthday parties being hosted at the farm but feel free to call and check dates!
To book call (850)894-1800


This is an activity where up to 5 guests can walk our friendly llamas and alpacas around a shaded, flowery path while taking all the pictures and selfies their hearts desire. We will end the walk with feeding the llamas treats and a group photo! It takes ~25min for up to 5 guests to receive instruction, walk the path twice and feed llamas after. 
Prices are $50/30min or $100/hr 


This is an activity where up to 5 guests can ride our friendly ponies around a shaded, flowery path. We will start with brushing and tacking up our ponies and brief riding instruction, then un-tack after and give treats. It takes ~25min for 5 guests to receive instruction, ride the path 3x and un-tack after. 

This is designed for groups of either 5 children (under 100lbs) or one adult (under 200lbs) plus 4 children (under 100lbs). All participants are required to where provided helmets. Children 6yo and over can ride independently on path. Children under 6yo will need an adult or staff member to walk their pony on path. Chilren under 2yo will need a parent to walk beside them AND an adult or staff member to walk their pony. If a staff member is needed to walk pony it will be an additional $10/hr per staff member needed.
Prices are $50/30min or $100/hr.


Do you want a private session with your favorite animal, like have you always wanted to milk a cow or bottle feed a baby goat? Or do you want to just come hang out in a hammock and enjoy the therapeutic sounds the farm provides? What about a private tour where we can answer all your questions about farming and owning a petting farm business. We can open up our farm to just you, or your small group (10 guests or less)
Prices are $50/30min or $100/hr


Would you like to have your family or your child's photo made with one of our friendly and photogenic animals, like a Unicorn, Llama or adorable baby animals? Bring your own camera or photography for no extra charge. If you would like us to take, edit and email you your photos there will be an extra charge of $50 for up to 10 photos.
Are you a photographer and would like to host one or many photography sessions out here at the farm? We have settings in our grassy field, forest or in front of our old house, tractors or firetruck! 
Prices are $50/30min or $100/hr

Updated 5/23/2019

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