Thursday, May 26, 2022

RLF Summer Camp

Become a Jr. Farmer expert at one of our 5 farm camps this summer!!!

Do you want your kid to have equal parts fun and educational experiences? Then we are the camp for you!

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Want to be an angel? Help a family & donate toward sending a kid to farm camp? Click here!

There are only 10 camper slots each week, so hurry and reserve your spot now!

Keep scrolling to read all info, sign-up link at bottom of page! 

Dates: June 6-10, 2022 (Equine Camp)
           June 20-24, 2022 (Camelid Camp)
           July 4-8, 2022 (Caprid Camp)
           July 18-22, 2022 (Bovine & Leporid Camp)
           August 1-5, 2022 (Swine & Poultry Camp)

About Camp: Each week will consist of science activities, crafts, farm chores, games, and a water day on Friday. By the end of the week, campers will have a better understanding of their food sources, animal husbandry and what it means to be a farmer!

Cost: $320 for your first camper, $290 for every camper sibling after first. A non-refundable $100 deposit is required for each booking.

Ages: This camp is best suited for campers of ages 6-12 years old (Contact us about ages outside that range). 

Keep scrolling to read all info, sign-up link at bottom of page!

Included: We will provide daily snacks and a camp t-shirt! 

Bring: Please pack a backpack with a water bottle, sunscreen, bug spray, a lunch, and a swimsuit and towel for Friday's WATER day! 

Check-in: Drop off starts at 7am and ends at 9am. Please have campers here by 9am so they don't miss out on any activities!

Check-out: Pick up starts at 5pm and ends at 6pm. Please note that any child picked up after 6pm will be charged an additional fee of $50/15min unless a later pick-up time was arranged with leader.

Keep scrolling to read all info, sign-up link at bottom of page!

Camp Counselor: Farmer Savannah, who has worked here at Redemptive Love Farm for over a year. Her favorite animal is the donkeys but she does have a new-found affection for Sue the Goose. While she was getting her degree in Psychology from FSU she worked consistently in fields teaching children. As are all adult farmers present on farm, she is level II background screened and finger-printed thru DCF and LCHS.  

Ready to sign-up?
Click HERE to book now!


Ready to sign-up?
Click HERE to book now!

Posted by Savannah 4/27/22

Beach Llamas at SGI

Will you be visiting Saint George Island this summer and want the unique experience!?!

How about a photo shoot with the beach llamas!?!

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Bookings must be made and paid online, snag your spot here:


We will be traveling to Saint George Island with our llamas weekly this summer! Here is your chance to book a private photo session with the "famous" beach llamas and Fomo Photography with your group of family and/or friends right here at the SGI beach!

The Summer Beach LLAMAS Update! 🦙
We started our visits down to SGI by bringing our friendly llama ladies to visit Izzy while she was staying on the island. Last summer 2021 we traveled to SGI with two llamas hosting privately booked visits and one set-up for the public to visit for free. 🌞

This year we still want to visit but have a couple changes, good and bad. The good: four of our llamas are currently nursing baby crias, so they are off duty and cannot travel. The bad: our own daughter is currently bed-ridden on hospice and we have to have someone home with her at all times. ❤️

We have paired with FOMO photography to host pre-booked mini photography sessions on the beach every Wednesday evening thru the summer! Please schedule in advance as we will only have up to 12 slots available each date. 🏖🦙📸

While we would love to, we will not be available to walk the beach and visit with any people who have not booked us for a private session. 

Cost: $149 for a 10min mini Photo Session
Feel like you need more time? Book a 2nd spot!

What is included in Llama photo session:

  • 10 minutes for a personal, private visit
  • TWO well-trained and interactive llamas
  • Two animal handlers, to keep llamas and humans safe
    • With treats for guests to feed llamas 
    • And bags to clean up any waste immediately
  • Travel to SGI (included, normally $250 additional)
  • PLUS a professional photographer to capture the moment
  • Gallery of gorgeous photos from FOMO Photography

Summer dates/times available:

ONLY 12 llama photo sessions are available to be booked each of the following dates:

  • Wednesday, June 8th from 5pm-7pm
  • Wednesday, June 15th (Photographer and llamas unavailable)
  • Wednesday, June22nd from 5pm-7pm
  • Wednesday, June 29th from 5pm-7pm
  • Wednesday, July 6th from 5pm-7pm
  • Wednesday, July 13th from 5pm-7pm
  • Wednesday, July 20th from 5pm-7pm
  • Wednesday, June 27th from 5pm-7pm
ALL DATES ARE SUBJECT TO CANCELLATION AND REFUNDS due to inclement weather or the health of our daughter declining.


Bookings must be made and paid online, snag your spot here:


Izzy's pink tulips

Many may know the story of a sweet 13 year old girl who came to spend her last days on SGI in February 2021. The SGI community was amazing and so many of her wishes were granted during that time. We were blessed by being able to help grant one. This sweet girl wanted a photo session with llamas on the beach so we made it happen! In loving memory of Izzy (see post here: formally "Fighting for Izzy" FB page).

In 2021 the beach llamas raised over $3000 
for the SouthEast Llama Rescue!

T-shirts and tanks available for sale $20

Another option
Plan a 2hr road-trip and come visit us!

Come meet our new baby llamas!!!
We are located just north of Tallahassee. When you schedule a private, custom farm tour we will take you on a guided walking tour to meet over 100 animals that call our farm home! From chickens to camels we have over 20 different species of livestock! We can spend some time getting hands-on milking a cow and collecting eggs and up close with our small, friendly animals in our petting pen! Want to ride a horse or pony!?! We can do that too!

We have over 100 animals to feed including camels!

Milk a REAL cow is fun for all ages!

Horseback Farm Tour option

Brittney is on home hospice getting a visit from our baby llamas!

We have four Farm Tour options available!
Feel free to call (850)894-1800 
or email


Bookings must be made and paid online, snag your spot here:


Monday, December 27, 2021

Services we Offer

Here we have all our services listed to make it easy to scroll through all in one place! Whether you need petting animals for a backyard birthday party, a unicorn for photography session or to send a llama-gram to that special someone, we do it all! <3

Traveling farm services:

Traveling Farm Petting Tent is fun for everyone! 
Our most popular option starts at $200

Pony Rides on our carousel or leadline
We bring the pony rides to you! Starts at $200

Unicorns for rides or photograpy
We make dreams come true and bring a unicorn to you! Starts at $200

Llamas for birthday parties, events or even weddings! Starts at $200

Animal-grams: Send a special treat to your loved one! A special animal to delivery a note, present or treat on their special day! Llama-grams, Alpaca-grams, Goat-grams, Lamb-grams, MiniMoo-grams, Unicorn-grams available! Starts at $100 for 15min delivery service.

Services at the Farm:

While we don't have regular open hours we do host fun tours and activities here at the farm! We love hosting visitors by private appointment only!

Private Parties or Events here at the farm
You get the WHOLE farm to yourself! Starts at $300

Book a Visit to the farm
Learn about our farm tour, horseback riding and animal photography options to visit the farm! Starting at $10 per person

Where beginners can learn to ride at their own speed. Starts at $20/30min (Not available over the summer!)

Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Routine Llama Health Checks

With the hope to help other livestock owners we have videoed and are uploading a few videos of the routine health maintenance checks we do every month on our different livestock species. 

Llama Video:

Monthly we check:
*Body condition scoring, gotta get your hands on them (pic1)
*FAMACHA score (pic2)
    *Tells us if animal is anemic
        *Anemia points to possible parasite issue or MH
        *We perform fecal and deworm with appropriate drug (pic3)
        *Or we treat for the "silent killer" Mycoplasma (MH)
*Give injectable ivermectin (pic4) to prevent M-worm EVERY 30 days!

Deworming med chart links:
Camelid -
Goat -
Sheep -





Sunday, August 23, 2020

Llamas at Wedding

 Instead of asking "Why llamas?" Ask, "Why not?"

Our docile llamas don't mind being the center of attention, they are gentle, trained and well-socialized with their animal handlers right by their side, keeping their best interest in mind.
The guests thoroughly enjoy getting up close to a real llama to take photos they will remember for ever!

*Llamas and handlers from Redemptive Love Farm
*Costumes designed & made by Redemptive Love Farm
*Video captured by Redemptive Love Farm
*Bride Ivy & Groom Brian Merriman
*Wedding Venue was the beautiful Shiloh Farm Church & Barn in Tallahassee, FL -

Monday, July 8, 2019

The Git Up Challenge

The kids saw a few of the viral 'Git Up' challenge videos going around and wanted to make their own! 

Mirabel learned the basic steps, choreographed her own dance and taught it to her siblings. She recruited me to film it and we brainstromed for other fun farm things to film for the video! It took about 3 hours of fiming and 3 hours of editing to give you the finished product! Enjoy and share!

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Our Family Photos

We finally had a new professional family photography session. 

Thank you Gentry Roberts for these beautiful photos!

Here is our last one from November 2015

This was just before we began "Redemptive Love Farm"
which became a licensed and insured business in March 2016.

And here is us NOW, three and a half years later!
Look at how much these kids have grown! 

It was difficult deciding which of our many animals would be featured in these keepsake photos but we knew we couldn't fit them all, so we let the kids pick their favorites!

Maggie with one of our baby English Lop bunnies

Maggie - 7

Maggie - 7

Titus with Shadow the friendly Cochin rooster

Titus - 8

Titus - 8

Risa with Rascal our 20yo horse

Risa - 12

Risa - 12

Sam with Charlie the Appleyard duck

Samuel - 13

Samuel - 13

Brittney with Annie our sweet Bernese Mountain Dog

Brittney - 14

Brittney - 14

Brittney - 14

Mirabel with Neva the Pygmy goat (Zelda's 1yo baby)

Mirabel - 15

Mirabel - 15

Mirabel - 15

Anthony with Pedro our 1yo miniature Mediterranean Donkey

Anthony - 16

Anthony - 16

Brian and I with our spotty baby, Marshall

Shannon (me) and Brian - married 15 years

Shannon (me) and Brian - married 15 years

Our family tree was grown with love not DNA

I hope when you see our family you see, 
not what we have done but, 
what God has done!

Thanks again, Gentry!
Gentry Roberts Photography

Posted by Shannon
Owner, wife to 1, mom to 7, farmer to 100