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Sunday, April 24, 2016

Recent Petting Zoos - Festivals, Fraternity and Farm Tours...oh my!

We have enjoyed our first two months as a business and the Lord has certainly blessed this family endeavor. We have been booked up and very busy in both March and April. Plus we already have many birthday parties, events and summer camps on the books for May-July so if you are thinking about booking us for a summer party or event please call or email today!

Here are some pictures from March and April 2016:
We hired on our staff (aka our kids) and ordered nametags!

This was our first petting zoo at the AWPC Walk for Life!

I painted a sign for our drive-way!

Spring came and everything is green again!

For the past year we have worked the land and tried to grow grass,
well finally this spring we are seeing a harvest! 

We painted our tent to make a more colorful back-drop for photos!
The crew with some of our petting zoo animals!

Event Option 1 = 4 poultry, 2 bunnies, 1 small pig and 1 small goat = $125/hr

Our tiny Silkie chicken and Call duck 

Baby piggie named Chipmunk

Risa and Blondie the pony. Event Option 2 is option 1 + Blondie the pony = $200/hr

Mirabel and both Call ducks so you can see how small they are!

The petting zoo crew!

Kids always enjoy the baby goats!

Our LGD Maremma puppy, Suzy, has gotten to go to many petting zoos!

We enjoyed hosting a petting zoo for the guys over at Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity!
Thanks guys!

Sleepy piggy

Baby chick and Indiana Jones the rooster!

Thumper the bunny!

Fred our silkie rooster!

Lots of petting zoo socialization happens at home too!
Maggie getting some bunny time!

Muffin bunny!

Too cute!

We also had a couple groups come out for farm tours!

We helped them all hold baby chicks

Kids got to watch us milk our cows

 We had our first baby calf, Cornbread, born on the farm!

We did many birthday parties and events, including One Smart Cookie!
Group photo! Click here to read her review on our petting zoo services!

Even Brittney got to help out for a local Walk-a-thon!

 Posted by Shannon