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This is us. 

We were just an ordinary couple...

Brian & Shannon, married in 2004

But, when we gave our hearts to the Lord He gave us His heart for the orphan.


In June 2011, as brand new foster parents, the need is great and we were called right away! We welcomed a sibling group of three children ages 4, 7 & 9 to our family.

Anthony, age 19

Mirabel, age 18

Risa, age 15

Then, in September 2011, a tiny 6 week old baby girl joined us.

Magdalene, age 10

And, two days before Christmas, in December 2011, another 10 month old baby boy was placed into our arms.

Titus, age 10

Yep, that is speed parenting, 5 kids in 6 months!!!

We felt God stirring our hearts again to adopt so in February 2014 we drove across the U.S. to welcome home a little boy who was being re-homed by his previous adoptive family. 

Samuel, age 15

After receiving a call about a special needs girl who had been in foster care for 8 years we just couldn't say no! She joined our family in June 2015 and has taught us so much about pure joy!

Brittney, age 17

And now we are farmers!


And on a journey...


To continue to grow compassion, responsibility and sacrificial love in our children...


To share the joy our animals give us with others...


And to humanely feed, love, grow and raise farm-fresh produce, milk, eggs and meat for the nourishment of our bodies!

Updated 4/9/2021

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