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We are a small family owned and operated business. We are first Christians, then parents, then homeschool teachers, then farmers, then business owners. 

Our heart is for sharing the joy our animals bring with others and and celebrating people! 

Event at the Farm - 3 hour farm rental includes:
  • Exclusive use of 1800s farmhouse (if desired)
  • Exclusive petting pen for your guests only
  • Exclusive use of an acre grassy field with play toys, tire swings and a real antique firetruck!
  • Exclusive access to camel pen and exotic bird aviary
  • 30min guided activity of pony/horse rides (options below)
  • Access to public side of the farm (which contains ALL animals)
  • Animal food bags ready for all your guests to feed animals
  • 30min set-up time before AND 30min take-down time after.
  • Two staff members (an adult farmer and a helper)

Read on for more detailed info and pricing:

With our farm rental option we open up our 1800s farmhouse and our 2 acre party space on the farm privately to your guests. Guests can park right here on the farm and for the entire 2 hours can enjoy:

  • Use of our 1800s farmhouse for serving food and/or seating! The 1200sqft farmhouse has a large front porch complete with 4 antique rocking chairs and four historic rooms:
    • 1) The small kitchen has a table for food prep, a handwash station and a fridge for your use. 
    • 2) The Parlor is a quaint gathering room. 
    • 3) The Dining Hall, featuring a stunning double fire place, has two dining tables and seating for up to 16. 
    • 4) The Gathering Room is the largest room and can be left open for guests to gather in discussion, play or dance. Or the space can hold tables to seat guests. 
    • 5) Outside: 9 picnic tables (can seat 50 adults)
    • NOTE: The farmhouse does not have A/C. While every room of farmhouse does have a fan, you may want to bring additional to plug in if party is during summer time.


Parlor opens to Gathering Room and Dining Hall and Kitchen


Dining Hall

Dining Hall

Gathering Room

(Note: the historic farmhouse has fans but no A/C)

Outside farmhouse seating

  • Exclusive use of our petting pen for your guests to enjoy up close encounters with our free-roaming, friendly goats, sheep, chickens, ducks, and bunnies!

  • Free play will abound as kids run, play and explore the farm, including the playhouses, firetruck and tire swings.

  • Bags of feed for the animals will be available for your guests. They can feed the animals (camels and donkeys) in your private farm area or they can explore our 4 acres public side of the farm with large walking paths while feeding all our friendly farm friends! We have over 100 farm animals of 20+ species, it can take 30min to 1hour to explore entire farm!

  • We also host horse/pony rides (30min duration) for your guests to enjoy! More info below.
    • Horse/Pony Rides - hand-led rides with your choice of TWO equine for 30 minutes. Choose two equine:
      • Ponies that can carry children up to 50-100lbs
      • Unicorns that can carry children up to 50-200lbs
      • Horses that can carry adults and children up to 250lbs

  • Add-ons available! You can add-on an additional 30min guided activity at check-out, either more horse/pony rides, guided tour, milk a cow hands-on demo, tractor hay rides or a costumed animal for photo-op with guests! Some favorite costumed photo animals are a llama, Scottish Highland cow, unicorn or Marshall from Paw Patrol!


This event is best for:
Private Parties
Special Events
Youth Group Activities
Corporate Celebration Family Events
Sponsored Public Events
Or any event you can think of!!!

"Events at the farm" time slots are:
Note: Sundays are not available. We typically book up 30-90 days in advance.

Sept-May: Saturdays
  • Morning 9am-12pm (great for toddlers)
  • Afternoon 1:30-4:30pm (in between mealtime)
  • Evening 6-9pm (fire pit & lighting, great for adults)

June-Aug: Saturdays:
  • Morning 9am-11am OR 10am-12pm
  • Evening 5pm-7pm OR 6pm-8pm OR 7-9pm
*SUMMER NOTE* We do NOT book events between the hours of 12-5pm during the months of June, July or August due to summer heat! 

March-Oct: Fridays: 
(spring thru fall have more light in the evenings so we have 1 timeslot available on Friday evenings.)
  • 6-9pm (fire pit & lighting, great for adults)

3 Hour event (bring your own food and drink)
  • Up to 50 guests (children and adults) = $477
  • More than 50 guests? More staff and/or time will need to be added, call to discuss details.
  • Add on: Additional 30 minutes set-up time PRIOR to event = $66.25
*Prices on this page do no reflect taxes and fees that will be added during online checkout.*

Add set-up time: Allows a full hour to set-up prior to event = $66.25

Add  guided activity: Additional 30min duration activity. One already included in party cost. Activity occurs during 3hr event time, does NOT extend event time. = $79.50

Add staff: One additional staff member (2 included). *Mandatory if event will have more than 50 guests present.* = $63.60

Add food: hot dogs, chips, fruit/veggie and drink = $250 per 50 guests ($5/person). With food option we set-up table cloths, plates, cups, napkins, utensils and condiments. We can also have a fire available (in winter) and skewers to roast hotdogs (no extra charge).

+Add food: Bradley's Sausage Dogs, chips, fruit/veggie and drink = $400 per 50 guests ($8/person). With food option we set-up table cloths, plates, cups, napkins, utensils and condiments.

Add a custom cake = $50
Add a themed pinata = $50
+ Add Smores campfire supplies = $50

*Price includes* (or add-ons):
  • 30min set-up time before AND 30min take-down time after event. (Need more time? Add an additional time at check-out)
  • Two staff, one adult Farmer and one helper. (Need more staff? Add additional staff at check-out)
  • ONE 30min guided activity (Want additional time with pony rides OR an additional animal activity? Add at check-out)
  • Flat rate for between 10-50 guests included (Want to invite more? Talk to us about adding more staff or time)
  • We do not have discounted event options.


Click here for our "Private Visit" prices!

Location & Parking:
Guest parking is located right in front of our 1800s farmhouse at 9036 Magenta Ln.


Non-refundable $100 deposit is due at time of booking to hold your event slot. 


Remaining balance is prior to arrival. We accept online payments prior to arrival. If you need to have a check cut by your school or finance department please be sure you request all documents (W9, COI, PTSA, etc) that you will need from us in advance in order to have the check approved and ready at time of service. Due to many non-payments, we reserve the right to refuse service if payment is not made upon arrival. 


If you have any questions feel free to call (850)894-1800, email or message us on Facebook.

Looking for other options? Call our friends!!!
Moccasin Stables (850)363-8572
Happy Trails Ranch (850)893-0771
Grace Stables (850)510-0226

Updated 7/20/22


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