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Field Trips

OR to book without deposit required,
Call Shannon at 850-894-1800 or email

Read thru all our field trip info:

We are a small family owned and operated business. We are first Christians, then parents, then homeschool teachers, then farmers, then business owners. 

Our heart is for giving kids a hands-on love for learning and educating people about raising happy farm animals! We strive to have affordable pricing for every event!

What to expect: All animals will be ready for your field trip and we will have several hand sanitizer stations set-up for both your safety and the safety of our animals. We can start parking guests 15 minutes prior to start time. We will have water, bugspray and sunscreen available for your guests as well as animal food to feed the animals. We will have clean-up equipment ready and all animal waste will be promptly removed and we will have two clean porta-potties available in a convenient location for your guests. 

Field Trip at the Farm - 2 hours:
With this option we will rotate your group thru our four fun and educational activity stations! Larger groups will divide up into 2-4 smaller groups of 10-25 kids and rotate thru our stations every 20-40 minutes. Groups are allowed to bring their lunches and stay 30min-1hr at the end for a picnic lunch right here on the farm! 
Four stations include: 
  • Petting Area
  • Milk the Cow
  • Pony (or horse) Rides
  • Tour & Feed the farm animals

More information about each station:
  • Enter our petting area for your guests to enjoy up close encounters with our free-roaming, friendly goats, sheep, chickens, ducks, and bunnies!

  • Get hands-on and milk the cow! Yep, you really get to milk a REAL cow! While your group takes turn milking the cow free play will abound as kids run, play and explore, including the playhouses, firetruck and tire swings. Once everyone has had a chance to milk the cow we will gather up and discuss what milk is used for!

  • Pony rides are always a favorite on the farm! For larger, younger groups we can have four ponies saddled and ready to give rides to children under 100lbs on our pony carousel. Or if you have older students or even adults that want to ride we can have two horses saddled and ready to give rides to adults and children under 220lbs in our trail walk path!

  • And, our fourth rotation, will allow the guests to feed our large menagerie of animals including llamas, goats, sheep, donkeys, mini cows, pigs and MORE! We provide a bag of animal feed for each student and as we walk around to feed the farm animals we will also be discussing fun facts about each animal species!

  • Finally, bring your lunches and plan extra time to stay for a picnic lunch right here on the farm!

Field trips are best for:
Elementary, middle or highschool classes
Homeschool co-ops
Youth Groups
Summer Camps
Or any group you can think of!!!

Weekday field trips at the farm time slots:
Note: Exceptions may be made for other weekdays, no weekends.
All year: Wednesday or Friday from 9am-11am OR 10am-12pm

  • Price is per participating student - $10.60 (all activities and animal food included)
  • All adult (18 & older) chaperones - FREE
  • Minimum 20 participating students (or $200) 
  • Maximum is 100 participating students
*Prices on this page do no reflect taxes and fees that will be added at booking.*

LOOK!!! So much to see and do!!! 

Location and Parking:
9036 Magenta Ln. Tallahassee, FL 32309

If coming in separate vehicles parking in our normal visitor parking lot on Magenta Ln would be fine but if you are coming in school buses or large vans we can open our west field entrance at 13800 Moccasin Gap Rd for easy parking right here on the farm!


Deposits waived for field trips. Payment can be made upon arrival at farm. We can take one bulk payment or each family can pay separately upon entrance!
Non-refundable $100 deposit is due at time of booking to hold your event slot. The remainder of the event amount can be paid in person via check/cash/card at the beginning of event as we are setting-up.


Remaining balance is due at time of service. We accept cash, check or card payments upon arrival and prior to set-up. If you need to have a check cut by your school or finance department please be sure you request all documents (W9, COI, PTSA, etc) that you will need from us in advance in order to have the check approved and ready at time of service. Due to many non-payments, we reserve the right to refuse service if payment is not made upon arrival. 


If you have any questions, feel free to call (850)894-1800, email or message us on Facebook.

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Updated 6/21/21

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