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Re-homing your Farm Pet

As of April 2022 we are officially a 501c3 rescue!!!

While we are NOT a farm sanctuary we can take in animals in need to temporarily foster, rehab/train and find new homes.

Do you have a farm pet you need to find a new home for? Call us at (850)894-1800 or email us at today!

Blondie's first day with us
Blondie the pony four months later on December 19th, 2015


Reality is we would go bankrupt trying to feed all the homeless animals in need. But when we are able we do temporarily house animals in need, will assist them in becoming healthy and happy again then we will find them their own forever farm family.

We take in:
Horses and Ponies (some stipulations)
Cows and Calves
Goats and Sheep
Llamas and Alpacas
Poultry (chickens, ducks, turkeys, etc)
Rabbits and Bunnies

We DO NOT take in:

We DO NOT rehome:
Aggressive animals - we may assist with aggressive livestock if family is in crisis and needs assistance for safety reasons but ethically we will not rehome livestock that has shown aggression or caused injury to other animals or humans. 

Orphaned newborn baby goat, Abbagoat

Years before I was a mom with seven human children I was working in animal welfare and rescue. With our kids, since 2012, we have fostered hundreds of dogs, puppies, cats,  kittens, bunnies, goats, ponies, horses, pigs, poultry and even calves who were orphaned, sick, injured or just in need of a temporary home.

Baby chick born with scissor-beak

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The love and desire to help animals in need has traveled through me to my children. I love the compassion and empathy we have stirred and developed within them by helping the animals considered, "the least of these." 

Very sick little week old baby goat, Snickerdoodle

Do you have a farm pet you need to find a new home for? Call us at (850)894-1800 or email us at today!

Looking to adopt a farm animal as a pet? Check out our Facebook page to see if we have any farm pets currently up for adoption.

Updated 9/14/18

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