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*Polish - retired pets, no longer breeding.
*Holland Lop - retired pets, no longer breeding.
*Mini Rex - retired pets, no longer breeding.
*English Lop - still breeding.
*Giant Angora - retired pets, no longer breeding.
*Giant Chinchilla - still breeding..

Myself and my daughters raise six breeds of rabbits here at the farm! The breeds we chose are due to their sweet docile temperment as pets and endearing physical features! Our bunnies are healthy and highly socialized before they go to their new families at 8-10 weeks old. We only breed if we have a waiting list greater than 3 families to call (850)894-1800 or email today to be added. 

Also, If there is an animal in need, we never turn them away, we will take them in, evaluate and vet them then find them a pet home. We almost always have rabbits in need of new homes, re-homing fees of $10-20, call today and ask!

English Lop:
English Lop rabbits a rare, heritage breed of rabbit with the LONGEST ears! They are a large breed of rabbit at 9-11lbs full-grown but have a puppy-like personality following you around and nudging you to be pet. They are our favorite breed of rabbit on the farm!!!

Pedigreed for show or breeding $150
Pet quality: $100

Baby Leo 2017


Baby girl 2019


First litter from 2018

Honey Bunny

Broken orange baby from 2018

One of our babies as an adult

Updated 12/9/2020

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