The following are our personal and beloved pets but we occasionally have dairy cows, beef cows and pet mini cows up for adoption, adoption fees $200-$1000. If you are interested in adding a bovine to your farm feel free to call (850)894-1800 or email today!

Miniature Cows:

Moomoo is a miniature Zebu steer that joined us in Sept 2016 as a 2 month old baby calf and our first mini cow! He is full-grown at just 34" tall and travels to educational events, parties and festivals. He is just the sweetest! 

Teddy Bear

Teddy Bear is a miniature Scottish Highland steer (40" tall) that joined us in Dec 2017 as a 4 month old calf. He travels to educational events, parties and festivals and is so fluffy and adorable!


Parker is a miniature White Park bull that joined us in Dec 2018 as a 6 month old wild calf. He is so pretty and small (42" tall) and we were able to tame him quickly so we left him intact to breed our milk girls. Since he is so gentle and easy to handle he is also rented out as a stud to breed at other small homesteads and farms. 

Milk Cows:


Buttercream was our first Jersey cow, we bought in 2014 when she was just 4 months old. She is mid-size (48" tall) and gives our family 2 gallons of milk every morning! She has been milked by hundreds of our guests and is a very docile girl...most of the time! 


Buttercream's 1st calf, a full Jersey bull, Cornbread, born 4/2/16

Buttercream's 2nd calf, a Jersey/cracker baby, Kitty, born 4/25/17

Buttercream's 3rd calf, a Jersey/cracker baby, Hershey, born 4/22/18

Buttercream's 4th calf, a Jersey/Dexter heifer, Winnie the Moo, born 10/1/19


Danica is a mid-size (44" tall) Dexter cow that joined us in May 2018 when she was 2 years old and just had her first calf. She gives us 1.5 gallons of milk every morning and her milk is easier to digest, like goat milk. 

Beef Steers:

We pair up with other small homesteads to raise one steer every year for humanely-raised, grass-fed, hormone-and-antibiotic-free, farm-fresh beef for our family. We will know one very important thing about the beef we eat, while they lived they were loved and happy, unlike commercial beef cows you buy from grocery stores.

Updated 8/19/19

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