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We are Bible-believing Christians.

We believe God created the world to be perfect in seven 24 hour days. We believe that all humanity fell into sin and suffering when Adam ate the fruit in the garden. We believe that the Old Testament is a factual, historical document. We believe that God destroyed the earth with a world-wide flood and re-populated it through the saved ones on the ark. We believe that Jesus, literally, walked the earth 2000 years ago with His disciples who wrote most of the New Testament. We believe Jesus was conceived by a virgin and the Holy Spirit and was the Son of God. We believe that Jesus was crucified by the Romans, under God's will, to be the perfect and sinless sacrifice it would take to redeem a fallen humanity. We believe that Jesus rose again on the 3rd day proving His power over sin and death and was seen resurrected by 500 eyewitnesses. We believe that atonement from sin and eternal life is found in Jesus Christ alone.

What we believe
God is loving, holy, righteous, omniscient, omnipresent, and the creator of all things. God exists in three persons : Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Now that you know God's character, it will help you understand your need. He created us to glorify and enjoy Him, but through one man (Adam) sin entered the world. This made us unable to join a perfect and holy God. God giving us free-will had a plan from the beginning to save humanity from our sinful nature. We have to stand before a righteous, holy God and be accountable for every lie, lustful thought, covetous desire, and other sinful thoughts/actions. A righteous and just God will not accept our "good deeds" to bribe Him out of our punishment. God being rich in mercy, sent His only Son (Jesus Christ) to die for us, since like a criminal in a court, there was nothing we can do to pay for our sin. We must repent (turn) from our sins and put our full trust in Jesus to be saved. Once we cry out in true repentance to Him, then you will be given a new heart with new desires to live a life that wants to please Him (this is what is called being born again). Not a perfect life, but one growing towards holiness.

We all have the desire for "Justice to be Served" when it comes to being wronged or others being wronged. The amazing part is that when it comes to us being guilty we either feel we are really not that bad or say there needs to be mercy. There is mercy, if you truly, sincerely cry out to Jesus who paid the penalty for you.

John Piper (Desiring God) puts it this way:

The death of Christ is the
wisdom of God by which the
love of God saves sinners from the
wrath of God and all the while upholds and demonstrates
the righteousness of God.

Updated 3/1/2016

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