All of our ponies are healthy and up-to-date on all vaccines and coggins through AVS equine hospital.

The following are our personal and beloved pets but we often have ponies, horses and donkeys up for adoption or for sale, fees range from $500-2500 depending on vetting cost, training, boarding, etc. If you are interested in adding an equine to your farm feel free to call (850)894-1800 or email RedemptiveLoveLLC@gmail.com today!

We do not currently have any riding ponies for sale, check back later.


Small Ponies:


Remington is a pony we bought at an auction in December 2016. We didn't plan on bringing home a pony but after I saw how he was treated due to having one deformed eye I just couldn't let him go to the wrong hands. He is ~9 years old and 10hh (40" tall). Remington, although he would flinch everytime we touched him, he has turned out to be such a sweet and adorable pony! He goes to events for lead line pony rides, works our carousel and gives beginners lessons. Although he is short, the vet approved his stocky body to carry riders 75lbs or less.


Cinderella is a very young 4yo gorgeous blue-eyed pony who joined our farm family in 2019 as were grieving the unexpected loss of our beloved white pony Snowflake. She was just what our hearts needed and is the same size pony standing 10hh (40" tall). She can carry riders 75lbs or less.

Large Ponies:


Gidget joined our farm in March 2017 when she needed to find a new family. She is a 13 year old 13hh (52" tall) Pony. Gidget is a gentle and easy-going mare who can "Smile" on command! Gidget can give lead line pony rides, work our carousel and give beginner lessons. Our vet approved her to carry riders 120lbs or less.

Cookie Dough

Cookie dough joined our farm in April 2017 when he needed to find a new family. He is a 9 year old 12hh (48" tall) Pony. Cookie Dough is curious, one of the first to greet you and loves to RUN! He can give lead line pony rides, work our carousel and give intermediate riding lessons. He is approved him to carry riders 100lbs or less.



Rascal joined our family in Dec. 2018 when he needed a new home. We had actually met Rascal a couple years earlier and were in debate about adding him to our menagrie but decided we weren't ready for a big horse yet. When we saw him now needing a home again we decided it was time for this big old guy to come here. This gentle giant towers over our ponies, he stands 16hh (64" tall) and is over 20 years old. Rascal can carry adult riders 220lbs or less.


Bingo joined our family in June 2019 when he needed a new home. Risa had saved up money to buy a horse of her own she could train to ride in English jumper shows. When she met Bingo it was love at first sight and they have been quite the team ever since. Bingo is a beautiful Quarter Horse, he stands 15hh (60" tall) and is in his mid-teens. Bingo can carry adult riders 200lbs or less.



Taco joined our farm in April 2018 when he could no longer stay where he was. We know he isn't a pony, but is a pony-size, puppy-like DONKEY!!! He is around 10 years old and 12hh (48" tall). Taco is a big gentle donkey that can carry riders 100lbs or less.


Pedro is a miniature mediterranean donkey male jack donkey. He joined us at just 4 months old in Oct. 2018 when we saw him advertised by his breeder. He is the most curious, sweet, cuddley and LOUD equine on the farm!

Reference chart for size

Updated 4/1/2021

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